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Aug 27, 2015 · Touchstone Level 3 Student's Book with Online Course Includes Online Workbook [McCarthy, Michael, McCarten, Jeanne, Sandiford, Helen] on. FREE shipping on qualifying offers. Touchstone Level 3 Student's Book with Online Course Includes Online Workbook. Sep 21, 2015 · Touchstone Level 3 Student's Book with Online Course A Includes Online Workbook [McCarthy, Michael, McCarten, Jeanne, Sandiford, Helen] on. FREE shipping on qualifying offers. Touchstone Level 3 Student's Book with Online Course A Includes Online Workbook. The Touchstone Workbook provides follow-up exercises for each lesson in the Student's Book, allowing for a thorough practice of new vocabulary, structures, and conversation strategies and providing extra reading and writing activities. A progress chart at the end of each unit helps students evaluate their progress and plan further study. Student's Book, Level 3B, includes Units 7-12 of Level 3 Student's Book and is at the low intermediate CEFR level A2-B1. This version of the Student's Book contains an activation code that grants access to the Online Workbook, Level 3B for 12 months. The Online Workbook provides practice of the language studied in the Student's Book.

Touchstone Student's Book 3 is the third level of the innovative Touchstone series. Touchstone, together with Viewpoint, is a six-level English program based on research from the Cambridge English Corpus. Touchstone Second Edition Full Contact with DVD, Level 3A includes Units 1-6 of four key components of the Touchstone Second Edition series: Student's Book, Level 3; Workbook, Level 3; Level 3 Video Activity Pages; and Video on DVD. Touchstone Level 3 Students Book with Online Course Includes Online Workbook 2/E. by Michael McCarthy Paperback More Buying Choices $85.46 1 new offer 6 most important decisions,7 habits of highly effective teens and personal workbook 3 books collection set. Touchstone uses a corpus-informed syllabus ensuring students are learning the language that people really use. Activities include a strong focus on inductive learning, personalized practice, and encouraging learner autonomy. Student's Book, Level 3A includes Units 1-6 of the Level 3 Student's Book and is at the low intermediate CEFR level A2-B1.

Home Browse by Title Books Touchstone Level 3 Student's Book A with Online Workbook A. Touchstone Level 3 Student's Book A with Online Workbook A April 2014. April 2014. Read More. Authors: Michael McCarthy, Jeanne McCarten, Helen Sandiford; Publisher: Cambridge University Press; 40 W. 20 St. New York, NY; United States; ISBN: 978-1-107-66097-7.</plaintext> Touchstone Level 3 Student's Book with Online Course Includes Online Workbook Touchstone, together with Viewpoint, is a six-level English program based on research from the Cambridge English Corpus. Authors: Chris Speck, Kenna Bourke, Wayne Rimmer, Lynne Robertson, Noah Schwartzberg, Michael McCarthy, Jeanne McCarten, Helen Sandiford. Nov 18, 2015 · With our very best wishes, Mike McCarthy Jeanne McCarten Helen Sandiford Introduction • vii 6. 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