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Thin Films for Optical Waveguide Devices and Materials for.

The factors affecting optical gain were studied for Er-doped BaTiO 3 thin film waveguides. Er-doped BaTiO 3 with dopant concentrations of 0.3 – 9 at.% was deposited by metal-organic chemical vapor deposition. The luminescence efficiency was maximized by optimizing the growth temperatureand erbium concentration as well as by post-deposition annealing. Achieving monolithic integration of nonreciprocal photonic devices on semiconductor substrates has been long sought by the photonics research society. One way to achieve this goal is to deposit high quality magneto-optical oxide thin films on a semiconductor substrate. In this paper, we review our recent research activity on magneto-optical oxide thin films toward the goal of monolithic. Although the explanation is focused on the acousto-optical modulation, the concepts introduced in this section can be readily applied to other modulation techniques such as thermo- or electro-optical devices, enabling compact high-speed reconfigurable data routers which can be cascaded, arranged in matrices, or used in combination with standard.

Thin LiNbO 3 films contrary to bulk material, provide higher intensity per unit power in waveguides, and hence a stronger nonlinear optical effect and shorter interaction length. The ability to fabricate the films on various substrates extends the spectrum of their possible applications. 2.1. Pulsed Laser Deposition. PLD, namely thin film deposition by laser ablation from a target material, is a technique in use since the end of the 1980s, which proved to be effective for depositing high-quality optical films. 5 PLD has a high potential to produce complex high-quality glassy films for integrated optical applications. Its main advantages over other deposition methods are the. Nov 01, 2018 · D.O. Carvalho, M.I. Alayo, Pedestal Anti-resonant Reflecting Optical Waveguides, in: Proceedings of the SPIE 7940, Oxide-based Materials and Devices II, pp. 794017-1–794017-8, 2011. Google Scholar [25]. Optical waveguides as basic structures in optical integrated circuits are described. Focussing on planar waveguide configurations a short theoretical description of their mode pattern is given together with experimental results obtained with novel polymeric materials that can be tuned in their linear optical properties but can be also functionalized by non linear optical units for device. Full text of "DTIC ADA381141: Materials Research Society Symposium Proceedings Volume 604.Materials for Smart Systems III, Held November 30-December 2, 1999, Boston, Massachusetts, USA" See other formats.

An optical amplifier is one of the important components in planar integrated photonic circuits. Such a device can serve to compensate for coupling losses, waveguide losses, or the power division. Preparation and optical properties of Bi 2 S 3-microcrystallite-doped glass and thin film Zhonghong Jiang, Hui Ye Proc. SPIE 2288, Sol-Gel Optics III, pg 200 13 October 1994; doi: 10.1117/12.188952. The major disadvantage is the optical birefringence inherent in thin films which interferes with the Faraday effect and must be minimized to produce useful devices.Waveguide isolators with ratios. According to various embodiments and aspects of the present invention, there is provided a dynamically tunable thin film interference coating including one or more layers with thermo-optically tunable refractive index. Tunable layers within thin film interference coatings enable a new family of thin film active devices for the filtering, control, modulation of light.

Thin-film devices, fabricated with a thin layer of luminescent material applied to the bottom side of the waveguide, were optimized between 0.5 and 0.75 g/l. The bulk-doped and thin-film devices produced light gains of 1.86 and 1.89, respectively, demonstrating that flexible designs can be developed without sacrificing power production. Sep 25, 2008 · Hoerman, J. C. Majewski, B. M. Nichols, A. Teren, and B. W. Wessels, Thin films for optical waveguide devices and materials for optical limiting, MRS Symposia Proceedings No. 597 Materials Research Society, Warrendale, PA, 2000, p. 157. US7826702B2 US10/650,461 US65046103A US7826702B2 US 7826702 B2 US7826702 B2 US 7826702B2 US 65046103 A US65046103 A US 65046103A US 7826702 B2 US7826702 B2 US 7826702B2 Authority US United States Prior art keywords optical waveguide laser mode optical waveguide Prior art date 2002-08-27 Legal status The legal status is an assumption and is not a. 2016 IEEE 10th International Conference on Nano/Molecular Medicine and Engineering NANOMED Macau, China 2016 IEEE 10th International Conference on Nano/Molecular Medicine and En. Inkjet printing, traditionally used in graphics, has been widely investigated as a valuable tool in the preparation of functional surfaces and devices. This review focuses on the use of inkjet printing technology for the manufacturing of different optical elements and photonic devices. The presented overview mainly surveys work done in the fabrication of micro-optical components such as.

Effects of defects, grain size, and thickness on the optical properties of BaTiO3 thin films. Journal of Luminescence 2017, 192, 969-974. DOI: 10.1016/j.jlumin.2017.08.043. Atul Thakre, Ashok Kumar. Enhanced bipolar resistive switching behavior in polar Cr-doped barium titanate thin films without electro-forming process. PROCEEDINGS VOLUME 8564. Dispersive wave generation in As2S3 slot waveguide with four zero-dispersion wavelengths Authors:. PbSn clusters in the silica optical fiber material Authors: Yana Shang; Long Li; Jianxiang Wen. May 17, 2002 · Tomoaki Terasako, Shohei Obara, Shogo Sakaya, Mamoru Tanaka, Ryota Fukuoka, Masakazu Yagi, Junichi Nomoto and Tetsuya Yamamoto, Morphology-controlled growth of ZnO nanorods by chemical bath deposition and seed layer dependence on their structural and optical properties, Thin Solid Films, 10.1016/j.tsf.2018.10.039, 2018. Polyaniline thin film optical waveguides for integrated optics and VLSI prepared by vacuum evaporation technique. Polymers for Advanced Technologies 2002, 13 6, 475-480. DOI: 10.1002/pat.213. SUDHIR KUMAR SHARMA. A NEW OPTICAL WAVEGUIDE FOR TELECOMMUNICATION APPLICATION.

PROCEEDINGS VOLUME 2288 Sol-Gel Optics III. Editors: John D. Mackenzie This item is only available on the SPIE. Optical thin films by wet chemical processing. CdS- and PbS-doped silica-titania optical waveguides Authors. Dec 01, 2017 · N. Toyoda et al., “Surface smoothing of polycrystalline Si waveguides with gas-cluster ion beams”, in Thin Films for Optical Waveguide Devices and Materials for Optical Limiting, vol. 597. Seong Jun Kang, Yung Sup Yoon, Dong Il Kim, Pyroelectric Properties of the Plt10 Thin Film on the P-Doped Poly Silicon, MRS Proceedings, 10.1557/PROC-433-413, 433, 2011. Crossref Seong Jun Kang, Jeong Seon Ryoo, Yung Sup Yoon, The Effects of La Concentration on the Properties of PLT Thin Films: From the Perspective of Dram Applications, MRS. Multilayer fullerene thin films up to more than one micron in thickness have been synthesized using a novel electrostatic self-assembly process, and their nonlinear optical properties characterized. The fullerenes, a C60 and C70 mixture fullerite, 9:1, were made water soluble using a procedure detailed in prior publications. Hamburg University of Technology Institute of Optical and Electronic Materials Eißendorfer Straße 38, 21073 Hamburg, Germany. Phone Secretary 49 40 42878-3247 Fax 49 40 42878-2229 Email oem@oem@.

Jianmei Xu, Can Huang, Jin Dong, Wei Zhou, Zhihong Yang, Ling Zhao, Qing Wang, Rui Yang, Lanthanum modified lead zirconate titanate thin films by sol-gel and plasma annealing for integrated passive nanophotonic devices, Optical Materials Express, 10.1364/OME.9.002279, 9, 5, 2279, 2019. Electrical, optical, and structural properties of indium–tin–oxide thin films for organic light-emitting devices. Journal of Applied Physics 86, 6451–6461 1999. ADS CAS Article Google Scholar. The material is fully compatible with existing telecom fiber technology as the gallium structure can be manufactured on the tip of an optical fiber or can form a wall of a planar optical waveguide. It and can be used with laser operating anywhere from 400nm to 1.7mkm. Dec 24, 2019 · An optical coupler has a waveguide coupled to a grating of multiple scattering units, each scattering unit having a first scattering element formed of a shape in a polysilicon gate layer and a second scattering element formed of a shape in a body silicon layer of a metal-oxide-semiconductor MOS integrated circuit IC.

The electrical resistivity and the optical band gap of the TCO thin films were systematically examined. In order to elucidate the effect of the electrical resistivity and/or the optical band gap on the performance of OLED devices, the organic materials and cathode electrode were sequentially deposited on the TCO thin films. Optical Diagnostics of Materials and Devices for Opto-, Micro-, and Quantum Electronics, Kiev, Ukraine, 11-13 May, 1995. [4] Ivan A. Avrutsky and Yury N. Pyrkov, “Modulation spectroscopy for determination of integral excitonic absorption in single quantum well structure.”. Resume: Thin films are a special group of materials applicable in optical, optoelectronic or sensor technology. Apart from vacuum-requiring techniques PLD, CVD etc. and the growth from melt LPE, there are solution-based methods that are advantageous especially in the stage of research of new materials. Dec 14, 2018 · Semiconductor nanowires NWs represent a new class of materials and a shift from conventional two-dimensional bulk thin films to three-dimensional devices. Unlike thin film technology, lattice mismatch strain in NWs can be relaxed elastically at the NW free surface without dislocations. Lasers, Optical Amplifiers, and Laser Optics 11 Medical Optics and Biotechnology 1 Nanophotonics, Metamaterials, and Photonic Crystals 9 Nonlinear Optics 7 Optical Communications and Interconnects 8 Optical Design and Fabrication 4 Optical Devices and Detectors 4 Optical Fibers 4 Optical Materials 2 Optoelectronics 2.

Hundreds of waveguide-integrated devices are routinely fabricated on the same chip, and devices with up to 11 simultaneously working tungsten silicide WSi detectors have been reported. In terms of device yield, amorphous materials such as WSi are more robust with respect to structural defects. To the best of our knowledge, no systematic. Sep 18, 2017 · 1.1. Flexible Micro-Electro-Mechanical Systems MEMS Microelectrodes for Neural Interface. One of the most significant components of the artificial prostheses is the microelectrodes which act as the tissue–machine interface [6,7,8].To functional well in live muscle and nerve tissue, the biomedical microelectrodes should meet such requirements as: 1 miniature dimension that.

Baker, J. C. Heikenfeld, and A. J. Steckl, “Optical Amplification at 1.5 µm in Zn 2 Si 0.5 Ge 0.5 O 4:Er Thin Film Channel Waveguides on Oxidized. Detection Methods for the Digital Thin-Film Color Optical Memory Device," Applied Optics. Polycrystalline and Amorphous Si Thin Films," MRS Proceedings of Symposium on Silicon-Based.

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