The Vegetable Kingdom: Or, the Structure, Classification, and Uses of Plants Illustrated upon the Natural System (Cambridge Library Collection - Botany and Horticulture) John Lindley »

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The first edition of this work was published in 1826, and this revised second edition in 1830. Sweet uses Jussieu's 'natural' system of classification, but concedes that 'we still consider the addition of the Linnaean classes and orders, of great use, as they are so readily attained by the young Botanist'. The work, nonetheless an important milestone in the development of plant taxonomy, gives an overview of the various classification systems used since that of John Ray, and goes on to define the vegetable kingdom in terms of classes and 'alliances' of plants.

Get this from a library! The vegetable kingdom, or, The structure, classification, and uses of plants illustrated upon the natural system. [John Lindley] -- Employed early in his career by Sir Joseph Banks, the botanist John Lindley 1799-1865 is best known for his recommendation that Kew Gardens should become a national botanical institution, and for. The vegetable kingdom: or, The structure, classification, and uses of plants, illustrated upon the natural system. 1846 1846. by John Lindley. texts. eye 901 favorite 0 comment 0. Topic: Botany Pre-Linnean works. Scientific and Technical Information Center. 891 891. Handbook of embroidery. The treasury of botany: a popular dictionary of the vegetable kingdom; with which is incorporated a glossary of botanical terms. vegetable Kingdom or, The structure, classification, and uses of plants, illustrated upon the natural system: Victorian floral illustrations: 344 wood engravings of exotic flowers and plants. Lindley’s collection of books on botany forms the basis for the Royal Horticultural Society’s Lindley Library. John Lindley 1799 - 1865 The vegetable kingdom; or, The structure, classification, and uses of plants, illustrated upon the. natural system. Title: The vegetable kingdom: or, The structure, classification, and uses of plants, illustrated upon the natural system Year: 1846 1840s Authors: Lindley, John, 1799-1865.

The Vegetable Kingdom; or The Structure, Classification, and Uses of Plants Illus-trated Upon the Natural System Lindley reported Schom-burgk's example inaccurately; according to him, the. The Rev. John Hamilton Thorn 1808–88, the well-known Unitarian preacher, minister of Renshaw Street Chapel, Liverpool, 1831–54 and 1857–66. He was a man of unusual spiritual authority whose influence extended far beyond his congregation through his printed sermons. Balfour, John Hutton, Outlines of botany, 2nd edn Edinburgh, 1862, 356 – 9; [Berkeley, Miles Joseph, “Fertilization of orchids”, London review and weekly journal of politics, arts and sciences, iv 1862, 1862 – 4; idem, “Presidential address to biology section”, in Report of. Lindley described the plants collected on Thomas Livingstone Mitchell's expeditions of 1838 and wrote an Appendix to Edwards's Botanical Register of 1839, describing plants collected by James Drummond and Georgiana Molloy of the Swan River Colony in Western Australia. According to John Ryan, Lindley. The vegetable kingdom, or, The structure, classification, and uses of plants illustrated upon the natural system / View Metadata By: Lindley, John, - Bristowe, John Syer, - King's College London.

The Journal of William Stanley Jevons SpringerLink.

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This plant catalogue is in two parts. The first, published in 1801, provides a list, organised according to the Linnaean system, of the hothouse and greenhouse plants in the newly established Botanic Gardens at Glasnevin, near Dublin, and the second, from 1802, is a guide to all the plants in the gardens, including the arboretum and 'Hortus tinctoria', where dye plants important for the Irish. Lindley, John. 1853. The vegetable kingdom; or, the structure, classification, and uses of plants, illustrated upon the natural system. 3d edition with corrections and additional genera. London: Bradbury & Evans. Cambridge University Library West Road Cambridge CB3 9DR UK. A natural system of botany; or, A systematic view of the organization, natural affinities, and geographical distribution of the whole vegetable kingdom: together with the uses of the most important species in medicine, the arts, and rural or domestic economy 2nd ed.. London: Longman. The Vegetable Kingdom 1846–1853 Lindley, John 1846. The Vegetable Kingdom Or, The Structure, Classification, And Uses Of Plants Illustrated Upon The Natural System de John Lindley.

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