The Tyranny of the Countryside (Cambridge Library Collection - British and Irish History, 19th Century) F. E. Green »

About Cambridge Library Collection - British and Irish History, 19th Century Visit This series comprises contemporary or near-contemporary accounts of the political, economic and social history of the British Isles during the nineteenth century. Cambridge Library Collection A collection of out-of-copyright and rare books from the Cambridge University Library and other world-class institutions that have been digitally scanned, made available online, and reprinted in paperback. Since the mid-nineteenth century an unprecedented expansion and diversification of library activity has taken place. The Cambridge History of Libraries in Britain and Ireland describes the development of libraries in Great Britain and Ireland over some 1500 years, and their role as a part of the social, intellectual and cultural history. Contextualised by McCulloch's editorial preface, they range in date from 1685 to 1808, and in content across the economic impact of building, charity, whaling, pawnbroking, the Corn Laws and the Poor Laws. Several other works written or edited by McCulloch are. Cambridge University Press 978-0-521-78194-7 - The Cambridge History of Libraries in Britain and Ireland - Volume I To 1640 - Edited by Elisabeth Leedham-Green and Teresa Webber Excerpt. Introduction. ELISABETH LEEDHAM-GREEN AND TERESA WEBBER.

Cambridge Core - British History: General Interest - The Cambridge History of Ireland - edited by Thomas Bartlett. About the Bibliography. The Bibliography of British and Irish History BBIH is the most comprehensive and accurate guide available to what's been published in British and Irish history over the past 125 years. This makes BBIH a key resource for study, research and teaching: the essential starting point for discovering what's been written in any historical field, when and by whom.

The Tyranny of the Countryside (Cambridge Library Collection - British and Irish History, 19th Century) F. E. Green

Published for the Irish Historical Studies Publications Ltd. Irish Historical Studies, founded in 1938, is the joint journal of the Irish Historical Society and the Ulster Society for Irish Historical Studies and is the authoritative voice in Irish history.It publishes articles embodying original research on Irish history; articles on the scope and teaching of Irish history; select documents. Find your family history in John O'Hart's Irish Pedigrees; or the Origin and Stem of the Irish Nation.O'Hart traced the lines of descent of approximately 1000 Irish families, in many cases detailing births, deaths and marriages, as well as emigrations to Europe, Australia and America. A history of the novel previous to the seventeenth century, New York, H. Holt and Company, 1895, by F. M. Warren page images at HathiTrust The profit in writing / Los Angeles: Parker & Baird company, [c1940], by Laurence R. D'Orsay page images at HathiTrust. [Charles Stewart Parnell, an Irish MP, was instrumental in bringing Home Rule to the forefront of British/Irish politics]. For me, the reason to choose A Portrait in a discussion about Irish history is not, clearly, because it was decisive for historiography. The great parent of historical writing in Ireland was not Joyce, but W. E. H. Lecky.

Cartulaire de l'Abbaye de Noyers (Cambridge Library Collection - Medieval History) (French Edition)
The Land Beyond the Forest: Facts, Figures, and Fancies from Transylvania (Cambridge Library Collection - Travel, Europe) (Volume 2) Emily Gerard
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Memoirs of Richard Lovell Edgeworth, Esq: Begun by Himself and Concluded by his Daughter, Maria Edgeworth (Cambridge Library Collection - Technology) (Volume 1) Maria Edgeworth
Personal Narrative of Travels to the Equinoctial Regions of the New Continent: During the Years 1799-1804 (Cambridge Library Collection - Latin American Studies) (Volume 7)
The Life of Napoleon Buonaparte, Emperor of the French: With a Preliminary View of the French Revolution (Cambridge Library Collection - European History) (Volume 9) Sir Walter Scott
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A Selection from the Letters and Despatches of the First Napoleon: With Explanatory Notes (Cambridge Library Collection - European History) (Volume 3)
Autobiography of Mrs. Fletcher of Edinburgh: With Selections from Her Letters and Other Family Memorials (Cambridge Library Collection - British and Irish History, 19th Century)
The Book of the Farm: Detailing the Labours of the Farmer, Farm-steward, Ploughman, Shepherd, Hedger, Cattle-man, Field-worker, and Dairy-maid ... and Irish History, 19th Century) (Volume 2) Henry Stephens
A Naturalist in Western China with Vasculum, Camera and Gun: Being Some Account of Eleven Years' Travel (Cambridge Library Collection - Botany and Horticulture) (Volume 2) Ernest Henry Wilson
Last Letters from Egypt: To Which are Added Letters from the Cape (Cambridge Library Collection - Travel, Middle East and Asia Minor) Lucie Duff Gordon
Land, Labour, and Gold: Two Years in Victoria: with Visits to Sydney and Van Diemen's Land (Cambridge Library Collection - History of Oceania) (Volume 2) William Howitt
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History of the Zulu War and its Origin (Cambridge Library Collection - Naval and Military History)
A Voyage of Discovery and Research in the Southern and Antarctic Regions, during the Years 1839-43 (Cambridge Library Collection - Polar Exploration) James Clark Ross
Der Epische Cyclus: Oder die Homerischen Dichter (Cambridge Library Collection - Classics) (Volume 2) (German Edition) Friedrich Gottlieb Welcker
Mathematical and Physical Papers (Cambridge Library Collection - Physical Sciences) (Volume 1) William Thomson Baron Kelvin
Early Printed Books (Cambridge Library Collection - History of Printing, Publishing and Libraries) E. Gordon Duff
My Life: A Record of Events and Opinions (Cambridge Library Collection - Darwin, Evolution and Genetics) (Volume 1) Alfred Russel Wallace
A Descriptive Catalogue of the Latin Manuscripts in the John Rylands Library at Manchester (Cambridge Library Collection - History of Printing, Publishing and Libraries) (Volume 2) Montague Rhodes James
Slavery and Freedom in the British West Indies (Cambridge Library Collection - Slavery and Abolition) Charles Buxton
A Manual of Scientific Enquiry: Prepared for the Use of Her Majesty's Navy and Adapted for Travellers in General (Cambridge Library Collection - Earth Science)
The Commentaries of Isho'dad of Merv, Bishop of Hadatha (c. 850 A.D.): In Syriac and English (Cambridge Library Collection - Religion) (Volume 4)
Das Verhältnis Luthers zu den Humanisten: Inaugural-Dissertation Albert Evers
Die Landwirtschaft in Bulgarien (German Edition) Paul Ilieff
Cent ANS D'Histoire Int Rieure, 1789-1895 (French Edition) Andre Lebon
Der Erste Buchdruck in Tübingen (1498-1534): Ein Beitrag zur Geschichte der Universität. (German Edition) Karl Steiff
Der Hypnotismus und das Strafrecht (German Edition) Karl von Lilienthal
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