Southeast Asian Biodiversity in Crisis (Cambridge Tropical Biology Series) Barry W. Brook »

Aug 18, 2011 · The biodiversity of Southeast Asia is gravely imperilled by massive habitat modifications, forest fires and the overexploitation of wildlife. This book contains the first comprehensive determination of the current state of the region's terrestrial biotas and highlights the primary drivers responsible for the grave threat to its unique and rich biodiversity. Massive anthropogenic habitat modifications, forest fires and the overexploitation of wildlife in Southeast Asia are clear and present dangers to its rich and unique biodiversity. This book reports comprehensively on the state of Southeast Asian biodiversity and suggests the concrete actions that are immediately needed to mitigate the impending biodiversity crisis in Southeast Asia.

The biodiversity of Southeast Asia is gravely imperilled by massive habitat modifications, forest fires and the overexploitation of wildlife. This book contains the first comprehensive determination of the current state of the region's terrestrial biotas and highlights the primary drivers. Buy Southeast Asian Biodiversity in Crisis 9781107403130 9780521839303: NHBS - Navjot S Sodhi and Barry W Brook, Cambridge University Press. Chapter 4: Additional threats to the Southeast Asian biodiversity In addition to habitat loss, Southeast Asian biodiversity is under heavy threat of anthropogenic overexploitation e.g., for food.

Cambridge Tropical Biology Series, Cambridge University Press,. Barry W Brook;. The looming Southeast Asian biodiversity disaster demands immediate and definitive actions, yet such measures. Cambridge University Press 0521839300 - Southeast Asian Biodiversity in Crisis - by Navjot S. Sodhi and Barry W. Brook Excerpt. Chapter 1 Dwindling habitats. Dec 01, 2004 · Navjot S.Sodhia Lian PinKohab Barry W.Brookc Peter K.L.Nga. /10.1016/j.tree.2004.09.006 Get rights and content. Southeast Asia has the highest relative rate of deforestation of any major tropical region, and could lose three quarters of its original forests by 2100 and up to 42% of its biodiversity.

With an understudied amphibian fauna, the highest deforestation rate on the planet and high harvesting pressures, Southeast Asian amphibians are facing a conservation crisis. Owing to the overridin. The review and analysis presented by Wright and Muller‐Landau 2006, this volume, henceforth “WML” provides a comprehensive overview of deforestation in tropical areas and it challenges the widely held view that large‐scale species extinctions should be expected in these areas over the coming century e.g., Simberloff 1986, Laurance 1999, da Silva & Tabarelli 2000, Brooks et al. 2002. Southeast Asian biodiversity in crisis. [Navjot S Sodhi; Barry W Brook] -- "The biodiversity of Southeast Asia is in great danger as a result of massive habitat modifications, forest fires and the overexploitation of wildlife.

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