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Sep 03, 2012 · Titanium silicides are used as source, gate and drain contacts and local interconnections in CMOS integrated circuits. In these applications, it is important that the titanium silicide phase have a low resistivity < 20μΩ-cm and not agglomerate during high temperature processing. Abstract. Silicides and germanides are compounds consisting of a metal and silicon or germanium. In the microelectronics industry, silicides are the material of choice for contacting silicon based devices over the years, CoSi 2, C54-TiSi 2, and NiSi have been adopted, while germanides are considered as a top candidate for contacting future germanium based electronics.

Laser Induced Epitaxial CoSi2 Formation - Volume 320 - C.M. Comrie, V. Hoffman. Aug 29, 2016 · Silicides and germanides are compounds consisting of a metal and silicon or germanium. In the microelectronics industry, silicides are the material of choice for contacting silicon based devices over the years, CoSi 2, C54-TiSi 2, and NiSi have been adopted, while germanides are considered as a top candidate for contacting future germanium based electronics. Transition metal TM germanides possess low room-temperature resistivity, high thermal stability and good adherence to silicon substrates. The binary TM/Ge and ternary TM/Ge/Si systems are of. Jul 18, 2001 · See, e.g., Silicides, Germanides and their Interfaces, R. W. Fathauer, S. Mantl, L. J. Schowalter eds. MRS Proceedings Vol. 320, 1994 Google Scholar. Mar 01, 2010 · Transition metal TM germanides possess low room-temperature resistivity, high thermal stability and good adherence to silicon substrates. Eds., Silicides, Germanides and their Interfaces, Materials Research Society Proceedings, vol. 320, MRS.

Kinetics of Ni Silicides Synthesis with Excimer Laser Pulses Studied by TRR. In: Silicides, Germanides and Their Interfaces. - Ed. Fathauer, R. W.. - Pittsburgh, MRS 1994. - S. 415-420. - Materials Research Society Symposium Proceedings 320. [ Boston US, 93.11.29-93.12.02] Grant: GA202/93/2383 020479 - MU-W 950006 CZ eng C. This paper discusses the attributes of metal silicides as they are applied to detection of infrared photons. Symposium D – Silicides, Germanides, and Their Interfaces,series = MRS. Abstract. Fabrication of thin film silicides exploits practically the whole variety of techniques developed in microelectronics. Three main groups of these techniques can be technologically distinguished on the basis of the dominant physical and chemical processes involved. homepage for electronic thin film lab at UCLA. Book and Proceedings Edited 14 A. Gangulee, P.S. Ho and K.N. Tu, "Low Temperature Diffusion and Applications to Thin Films," Elsevier Sequoia, 1975.

Volume 40, Issue 12. Assessment of thermodynamic functions of formation for rare earth silicides, germanides, stannides and plumbides, Journal of Alloys and Compounds, 248. Nucleation and Growth of MoSi2 Pest During Low Temperature Oxidation, MRS Proceedings, 288, 1992. Crossref. D. Mallette and C.A. Pickles. Mar 14, 2000 · The V–Ge system has been reviewed critically by J.F. Smith; the assessed phase diagram taken from his review is shown in Fig. 1 1.In addition to a solid solution of Ge in V, there are four internal solid phases: V 3 Ge, V 5 Ge 3, V 11 Ge 8, and V 17 Ge 31.Of these, only V 3 Ge has any significant range of homogeneity. The available literature data on the thermodynamics of the V–Ge. Silicides: fundamentals and applications; proceedings of the 16th Course of the International School of Solid State Physics, Erice, Italy, 5-16 June 1999 D’Heurle, Francois; Miglio, Leo download B–OK. Download books for free. Find books. The effects of film thickness on the Ti–Si1−xGex solid phase reaction were investigated. Thin C49 TiM2 M=Si1−yGey films were formed from the solid phase reaction of 400 Å Ti or 100 Å Ti with Si1−xGex alloys. It was determined that for films formed from 400 Å Ti, the nucleation barrier of the C49‐to‐C54 transformation decreases with increasing germanium content, for alloy.

Laser Induced Epitaxial CoSi2 Formation MRS Online.

Interestingly, the silicides illustrated in Fig. 9 by TiSi provide a reasonable compromise between long propagation length and high FOM, and reasonable confinement factors multiple wavelengths. Combined with their Si-processing compatibility, the silicides live up to their billing as potential plasmonic waveguiding materials at IR frequencies. In this work, we have investigated the reactions between Zr and SiGeC alloys using rapid thermal annealing. The interactions of the metal films with the Si 1−x−y Ge x C y alloys have been investigated by using sheet resistance measurements, Rutherford backscattering RBS, energy dispersive spectroscopy EDS, and x-ray diffraction. The morphologies of surfaces and interfaces were examined. Silicides, germanides, and their interfaces: symposium held November 29-December 2, 1993, Boston, Massachusetts, U.S.A. The TEM in situ crystallisation at 500°C of Ni germanides resulted in formation of Ni 2 Ge phase with a sharp interface with the Ge nanowire and Ge111//Ni 2 Ge 100 epitaxial relation. The estimated growth rates 0. 31 nm/s and 1. 05 nm/s suggested almost linear behaviour at 400 and 500°C for the two different temperatures, respectively.

The main goal of paper was obtaining of solid solution Co1-xFexSi2 crystals from liquid phase by Bridgman method. There are presented features and quality parameters of obtained ingots. It was found that the substitutional solid solution Co1-xFexSi2 crystals can be obtained only for x = 1at.% Fe. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 2018, 115 30, 7706-7710. DOI: 10.1073/pnas.1806842115. Koshi Takenaka. Progress of Research in Negative Thermal Expansion Materials: Paradigm Shift in the Control of Thermal Expansion.

Mar 05, 2018 · A typical example of topologically non-trivial electronic states appears in 3D topological insulators [4, 5].Here, conduction and valence band characters are inverted due to strong spin–orbit interactions, giving rise to a helical surface or edge state within the bulk gap, as illustrated in figure 1a.The topological invariant concerned is Z 2 invariant 0 or 1, calculated from spatial. T3 - Materials Research Society Symposium Proceedings. SP - 305. EP - 310. BT - Silicides, Germanides, and Their Interfaces. A2 - Fathauer, Robert W. A2 - Mantl, Siegfried. A2 - Schowalter, Leo J. A2 - Tu, K.N. PB - Publ by Materials Research Society. Y2 Mar 03, 2017 · The first approach is finding new bulk materials and their further engineering to increase their zT. 1, 2 Some examples representative of this direction are the filled skutterudites, 3 such as Sr 0.16 Yb 0.03 Co 4 Sb 12, 4 clathrates, such as Ba 8 Ga 16 Ge 30, 5 Zintl phases, such as Yb 14 Mn 1− x Al x Sb 11, 6 metal silicides, such as. Laser beam irradiation-induced processes in binary films Laser beam irradiation-induced processes in binary films Doroshenko, Tamara P. 1998-06-09 00:00:00 ABSTRACT The bnefreview of solid-state interface interaction between systems of metal -metal, metal - semiconductor is given with results for laser and thermal annealing of systems, forming simple eutectic pairs.

Aug 25, 2009 · Thermoelectric power generation is foreseen to play a much larger role in the near future, considering the need for alternative energies because of declining natural resources as well as the increasing efficiency of thermoelectric materials. The latter is a consequence of the discoveries of new materials as well as of improvements of established materials by, for example, nanostructuring or. The structure of ThCr 2 Si 2 is an ordered version of BaAl 4 with more than 1700 ternary intermetallics being known as isotypic. In the ThCr 2 Si 2 type, 4 d positions are filled by Cr, whereas those in 4 e are occupied by Si atoms. Thus, the Cr atoms comprise the basal two-dimensional slab of square nets with Si atoms capping the nets in a “checkerboard” pattern.

Lanthanide-Silicide Films on Silicon Surfaces SpringerLink.

May 15, 2013 · Lingli Wang, Jun Tan, Yongming Shan, Guojun Jin, Yuying Wang, Limin Hu, Kai Xu, Yanlong Meng, Tunable NIR Filter with High Q-Factor Realized by Using TiN as Plasmonic Layer, Proceedings of 2018 International Conference on Optoelectronics and Measurement, 10.1007/978-981-13-8595-7_12, 98-106, 2020. This paper describes the design, manufacturing and characterization of newly developed mixed thick-/thin film thermoelectric microgenerators based on magnetron sputtered constantan copper-nickel alloy and screen-printed silver layers. The thermoelectric microgenerator consists of sixteen thermocouples made on a 34.2 × 27.5 × 0.25 mm3 alumina substrate. One of thermocouple arms was made of.

Ying, H, Wang, Z, Aldrich, DB, Sayers, DE & Nemanich, RJ 1994, Raman scattering study of interface reactions of Co/SiGe. in RW Fathauer, S Mantl, LJ Schowalter & KN Tu eds, Silicides, Germanides, and Their Interfaces. Materials Research Society Symposium Proceedings, vol. 320, Publ by Materials Research Society, pp. 335-340, Proceedings of. MATERIALS RESEARCH SOCIETY SYMPOSIUM PROCEEDINGS VOLUME 187 Thin Film Structures and Phase Stability Symposium held April 16-17, 1990, San Francisco, California, U.S.A. SXES STUDY OF TRANSITION METAL SILICIDE FILMS AND THEIR CONTACTS TO SEMICONDUCTORS 173 H. Watabe, M. Iwami, M. Hirai, M. Kusaka, M. Kubota,. MATERIALS RESEARCH SOCIETY. see ONLINE PUBLICATIONS at as volume 810 ofthe Materials Research Society Symposium Proceedings Series. Silicides and Germanides Chair: Richard Lindsay TUesday Morning, April 13, 2004 Room 2002 Moscone West. integration constraints for silicides, their characteristics or even the way silicides are used in CMOS circuits.

  1. Jun 05, 2014 · Silicides, Germanides, and their Interfaces: Volume 320 MRS Proceedings [Fathauer, Robert W., Mantl, Siegfried, Schowalter, Leo J., Tu, K. N.] on. FREE.
  2. Fathauer / Mantl / Schowalter / Tu, Silicides, Germanides, and their Interfaces: Volume 320, 1994, Buch, 978-1-55899-219-1. Bücher schnell und portofrei.
  3. 978-1-107-40945-3 - Materials Research Society Symposium Proceedings: Volume 320: Silicides, Germanides, and Their Interfaces Editors: Robert W. Fathauer, Siegfried Mantl, Leo J. Schowalter and K. N. Tu Index Moreinformation.

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