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Scientific Basis for Nuclear Waste Management XVI.

MRS Proceedings of “Scientific Basis for Nuclear Waste Management XVI”, vol. 294, 559 - 568. Google Scholar Ewing, R.C. 1995 Long-term predictions using natural analogues. Volume 294 Symposium V – Scientific Basis for Nuclear Waste Management XVI 1992, 765 The Role of Siderophores in the Transport of Radionuclides Larry E. Hersman a1, Philip D. Palmer a2 and David E. Hobart a2. Volume 294 Symposium V – Scientific Basis for Nuclear Waste Management XVI 1992, 825. The Influence of Non-Linear Sorption on Colloid Facilitated Radionuclide Transport Through Fractured Media. Paul A. Smitha1 a1 Paul Scherrer Institute, CH-5232 Villigen PSI, Switzerland. /10.1557/PROC-294-825.

Volume 294 Symposium V – Scientific Basis for Nuclear Waste Management XVI 1992, 403 Study on Retardation Mechanism of 3 H, 99 Tc, 137 Cs, 237 Np and 241 AM in Compacted Sodium Bentonite. The Finnish plan for final disposal of nuclear waste is an underground repository in crystalline bedrock in Olkiluoto. In the safety analysis of the repository, it is vital to know the transport properties of the bedrock. We set out to investigate these properties by measuring porosities of rock samples with Ar-gas pycnometry and diffusion coefficients and permeabilities of the same samples. The surface area and pore volume results of the aerogel and neodymium incorporated gels are provided in Fig. 2.Silica aerogel with a density of 0.67 g/cm 3 has a surface area of 1023 m 2 /g with a pore volume of 1.3 cm 3 /g. The 5% neodymium incorporated gel has a surface area of 481 m 2 /g with a pore volume of 0.47 cm 3 /g. The 30% neodymium incorporated gel has a surface area of 61 m 2 /g.

In book: Scientific Basis For Nuclear Waste Management XVI volume 294, Publisher: Materials Research Society, Editors: Charles G. Interrante, Roberto T. Pabalan, pp.177-182 Cite this publication T. Volume 663 Symposium – Scientific Basis for Nuclear Waste management XXIV 2000, 605 The Effect of Pore Structural Factors on Diffusion in Compacted Sodium Bentonite. Murakami T, Kimura H. 1993. A modelling study of the effect of rock alteration on the redistribution of uranium. In:Interrante CG, Pabalan RT, editors. Mat Res Soc Symp Proc Scientific Basis for Nuclear Waste Management XVI. Pittsburgh, PA: The Materials Research Society. 294:.

In Scientific Basis for Nuclear Waste Management XVI eds. C. G. Interrante, and R. T. Pabalan, Materials Research Society Symposium Proceedings 294, Pittsburgh, PA, pp. 777–782. Payne T. E., Sekine K. Davis J. A. and Waite T. D. 1992 Modeling of radionuclide sorption processes in the weathered zone of the Koongarra ore body. Jan 01, 2014 · Scientific Basis for Nuclear Waste Management XVI MRS proceedings 294, 163-170. Curti, E., Crovisier, J.L., Morvan, G., Karpoff, A.M., 2006. Long-term corrosion of two nuclear waste reference glasses MW and SON68: A kinetic and mineral alteration study.. Dec 04, 1992 · Get this from a library! Scientific basis for nuclear waste management XVI: symposium held November 30-December 4, 1992, Boston, Massachusetts, U.S.A. [C G Interrante; R T Pabalan; Materials Research Society. Fall Meeting;]. In: Scientific basis for nuclear waste management XVI, materials research society proceedings, vol. 294. Materials Research Society; 1993. p. 505. Initial radionuclide inventories ANL-WIS-MD.

Ageing Studies of Nuclear Waste Forms SpringerLink.

22 as a Waste Package Container Material,” Scientific Basis for Nuclear Waste Management. Basis for Nuclear Waste Management XXX, MRS, 2006: Warrendale, PA. ASTM International, Volume. MX-80 bentonite is planned to be used as a part of the engineered barrier system in the high-level nuclear waste repository in Finland Posiva, 2010.A thorough understanding of the material is needed to provide a sound scientific basis for modelling of the repository performance. May 25, 2004 · During the past half-century, the nuclear fuel cycle has generated approximately 1400 metric tons of plutonium and substantial quantities of the “minor” actinides, such as Np, Am, and Cm. The successful disposition of these actinides has an important impact on the strategy for developing advanced nuclear fuel cycles, weapons proliferation, and the geologic disposal of high-level.

N.E. Bibler et al., “Initial Demonstration of the Vitrification of High-Level Nuclear Waste Sludge Containing an Organic Cs-Loaded Ion-Exchange Resin,” Scientific Basis for Nuclear Waste Management XVI Pittsburgh, PA: MRS, 1993, pp. 81–86. Google Scholar. Sep 02, 1995 · Nuclear microprobe analysis offers a broad range of experimental methods to study in details the alteration process of uranium dioxide in synthetic groundwater. μRBS has been used to determine uranium profile and deuteron-induced μNRA has been used to measure oxygen and carbon distributions after leaching tests conducted either in oxidizing or reducing conditions. Environments", Scientific Basis for Nuclear Waste Management XVI, Materials Research Society Symposium Proceedings, vol. 294, p. 395 1993. Roman May 12 Roman May 12 Koji Kishio 381 words [view diff] exact match in snippet view article find links to article. Aug 20, 2018 · This volume is very close to the damaged volume of a displacements cascade induced by. Basis Nuclear Waste Manag XVI Symp 294, 191–198. Scientific Basis for Nuclear Waste Management VIII.

Mar 26, 1993 · Scientific Basis for Nuclear Waste Management XVI: Volume 294 MRS Proceedings [Interrante, Charles G., Pabalan, Roberto T.] on. FREE shipping on qualifying offers. Scientific Basis for Nuclear Waste Management XVI: Volume 294 MRS Proceedings.MATERIALS RESEARCH SOCIETY SYMPOSIUM PROCEEDINGS VOLUME 294 Scientific Basis for Nuclear Waste Management XVI Symposium held November 30-December 4, 1992, Boston, Massachusetts, U.S.A. EDITORS: C.G. Interrante U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission Washington, DC, U.S.A. R,T. Pabalan CNWRA, Southwest Research Institute San Antonio, Texas, U.S.A. IMTRISI.Pilot and Field-Scale Uranium Lysimeter Studies at the Oak Ridge Y-12 Plant - Volume 294 - Dianne D. Gates, Chet W. Francis, Lisa M. Laster, Rod Kimmiti.The WIPP WAC limits the amount of residual liquids that can be present in TRU waste to 1 volume percent of the internal container or an aggregate amount of residual liquid <1 volume percent of the external container [DOE, 1991]. Basis for Nuclear Waste Management XVI, Materials Research Society Symposium Proceedings, Boston, Massachusetts.

Panno, S. V., and P. Soo, 1984, "Potential Effects of Gamma Irradiation on the Chemistry and Alkalinity of Brine in High-Level Nuclear Waste Repositories in Rock Salt," Nuclear Technology, Vol. 67, pp. 268 281, November 1984. Jan 01, 2015 · D.S. Dunn, G.A. Y. Cragnolino, -M. Pan, O. PensadoCorrosion processes affecting the performance of alloy 22 as a high-level radioactive waste container material, in Scientific Basis for Nuclear Waste Management XXIV. May 29, 1998 · The disposal of Canada's nuclear fuel waste: a study of post-closure safety of in-room emplacement of used CANDU fuel in copper containers in permeable plutonic rock. Vol. 2, Atomic Energy of Canada Limited Report, AECL-111494-2, COG-95-552-2, 1996. Technetium-99 chemistry in reduced groundwaters: Implications for the performance of a proposed high-level nuclear waste repository at Yucca Mountain, Nevada. D. Shoesmith and R. Smith, eds. Materials Research Society Symposium Proceedings: Scientific Basis for Nuclear Waste Management – XXIII. Pittsburgh, PA: MRS: 231-236. The IAEA is a leading publisher in the nuclear field. Its more than 9,000 scientific and technical publications include international safety standards, technical guides, conference proceedings and scientific reports. They cover the breadth of the IAEA’s work, focusing on nuclear power, radiation therapy, nuclear safety and security, and nuclear law, among others.

corrosion performance of C-22 alloy aged at 260° C to 800°C,” Materials Research Society Sym- posium - Proceedings, Vol. 608, 2000, p 109-114, Conference: Scientific Basis for Nuclear. Titanate, zirconate, mixed titanate zirconate phases with fluorite and fluorite-related structures, and aluminate and ferrite phases with perovskite and garnet structures are surv. Scientific basis for nuclear waste management IX [electronic resource]: symposium held September 9-11, 1985, Stockholm, Sweden [1986] Pittsburgh, Pa.: Materials Research Society, c1986. Description.

Nitsche, H., "Basic Research for Assessment of Geologic Nuclear Waste Repositories: What Solubility and Speciation Studies of Transuranium Elements Can Tell Us," in Scientific Basis for Nuclear Waste Management VII, Materials Research Society Symposia Proceedings, Boston, Massachusetts L. McVay, Ed., Materials Research Society, Pittsburgh. Implementation of a Nuclear Decommissioning Database - A Basis for Knowledge Management and Future Research. Zellmann, E.; Brandauer, M.; Gentes, S. 2018. 49. Jahrestagung Kerntechnik / 49th Annual Meeting on Nuclear Technology AMNT 2018, Berlin, May 29. Initiation and growth of localized attack in nuclear waste package materials 011 Conference Roy, A.K., LLNL Electrochemical potentiodynamic and potentiostatic polarization experiments were conducted on several candidate nuclear waste package container materials in an acidic brine containing 5 weight percent wt% NaCl at various temperatures. Symposium on the Scientific Basis for Nuclear Waste Management. Program; 3rd International Workshop on Gallium Oxide and Related Materials IWGO-3. 510-294-2622. Symposium Support Applied Materials, Inc. Hysitron, Inc. Nano Instruments, Inc. 1998 Spring Exhibitor. Proceedings published as Volume 522 of the Materials Research Society.

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