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The Effect of Cracks on Diffusive Mass Transport through a.

Feb 21, 2011 · Volume 176 Symposium U – Scientific Basis for Nuclear Waste Management XIII 1989, 733 The Effect of Cracks on Diffusive Mass Transport through a Clay Barrier. xiii, 285 pages: illustrations black and white; 24 cm. Radioactive waste disposal -- Congresses. Nuclear waste Waste management. Scientific basis for nuclear waste management XIII: symposium held November 27-30, 1989, Boston, Massachusetts, U.S.A.

Feb 21, 2011 · Volume 176 Symposium U – Scientific Basis for Nuclear Waste Management XIII 1989, 665 Authigenic Clay Minerals in the Rustler Formation, WIPP Site Area, New Mexico D. G. Brookins a1, S. J. Lambert a2 and D. B. Ward a1. Feb 21, 2011 · Volume 176 Symposium U – Scientific Basis for Nuclear Waste Management XIII 1989, 559 Leaching/Migration of UO 2 -Fuel in Compacted Bentonite Y. Albinsson a1, R. Forsyth a2, G. Skarnemark a1, M. Skålberg a1, B. Torstenfelt a3 and L. Werme a4.

Broczkowski, Michael Goldik, Jonathan S Santos, Billy G Noel, James J and Shoesmith, David 2006. Corrosion of Nuclear Fuel Inside a Failed Copper Nuclear Waste Container. MRS Proceedings, Vol. 985, CrossRef; Google Scholar. The main objective of this paper is to analyze the current status of high-level nuclear waste disposal along with presentation of practical perspectives about the environmental issues involved. Present disposal designs and concepts are analyzed on a scientific basis and modifications to existing designs are proposed from the perspective of environmental safety. Scientific basis for nuclear waste management XV: symposium held November 4-7, 1991, Strasbourg, France Materials Research Society Symposium Proceedings 257, Sombret C.G. ed., Materials Research Society MRS, Pittsburgh, 721-728. Volume 1193 Scientific Basis for Nuclear Waste Management XXXIII 2009, 307 Measurement of initial dissolution rate of P0798 simulated HLW glass by using micro-reactor flow-through test method.

Authigenic Clay Minerals in the Rustler Formation, WIPP.

Volume 6—Scientific Basis for Nuclear Waste Management, S. V. Topp, 1982 Volume 7—Metastable Materials Formation by Ion Implantation, S. T. Picraux, W. J. Choyke, 1982 Volume 8—Rapidly Solidified Amorphous and Crystalline Alloys, B. H. Kear, B. C. Giessen, M. Cohen, 1982 Volume 9—Materials Processing in the Reduced Gravity Environment. Jun 01, 2001 · The bioreactor used for the growth of the microorganism was a New Brunswick Scientific Bioflow III batch/continuous fermenter equipped with accessories for temperature, pH and dissolved oxygen control. MRS Symposium Series, Vol. 176, Scientific Basis For Nuclear Waste Management XIII, MRS, Pittsburgh, PA, 1990. Scientific Basis for Nuclear Waste Management XIII, eds. V.M. Oversb y and P. W. Brown, Mat. Res. Soc. Symp. Proc. Vol. 176, pp 591 - 598, Materials R esearch Society, Pittsburgh.

Scientific Basis for Nuclear Waste Management XIII: Volume 176 (MRS Proceedings)

MRS Proceedings volume 176 Symposium U – Scientific Basis for Nuclear Waste Management XIII pp. 741-749. In Scientific Basis for Nuclear Waste Man- agement XIII, eds. V. M. Oversby and P. W. Brown. MRS Symposium Proceedings 176: 229-240. Materials Research Society, Pittsburgh PA 1989. Ceramic waste forms based on garnet, Y,Gd,An. 3Al,Ga,An.5O12, and zircon, Zr,An.SiO4, where An=U, Pu, Np, Am, and Cm have been proposed for the immobilization of weapons-grade plutonium.

Zirconium Alloy Nuclear Fuel Cladding,” in Scientific Basis for Nuclear Waste Management XIII, Volume 176 Materials Research Society, 1990: P ittsburgh, PA, pp. 549-556. 2014 Scientific Basis for Nuclear Waste Management XXXVII. MRS Proceedings Volume 1665, 111-116. Valls, A., Grivé, M., Riba, O., Morales, M. and Spahiu, K. Estimation of the long term helium production in high burn-up spent fuel due to alpha decay and consequences for the canister. 2014 Scientific Basis for Nuclear Waste Management XXXVII.

Sep 02, 1995 · Nuclear microprobe analysis offers a broad range of experimental methods to study in details the alteration process of uranium dioxide in synthetic groundwater. μRBS has been used to determine uranium profile and deuteron-induced μNRA has been used to measure oxygen and carbon distributions after leaching tests conducted either in oxidizing or reducing conditions. Scientific Basis for Nuclear Waste Management XIII. Berlin. Google Scholar. Bryant, S.L., Schechter, R.S., and Lake, L.W. 1987 Mineral sequences in precipitation/ dissolution waves. Multiple reaction path model describing mass transfer in geochemical systems, in Proceedings of the Workshop on Geochemical Modeling, Fallen Leaf Lake, edited. An overview is given of the immobilization of high level radioactive waste HLW and surplus materials from a variety of commercial and defence sources employing glass and ceramic hosts. A number of specific host materials are reviewed, including borosilicate and phosphate glasses, glass-ceramics and crystalline ceramics. Topics covered include wasteform processing and manufacture, in addition. Il ponderoso 351 p. volume di Riccardo Ridi sistematizza, pur se «senza scrupoli filologici» p. 9, diversi precedenti scritti dell'autore, compresi nell'arco di poco più di un decennio. L.

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May 01, 2001 · Gadolinium, a lanthanide with a high thermal neutron capture cross-section, may be added to actinide-containing glasses to minimize the likelihood of nuclear criticality during the storage period,,,. The maximum actinide and lanthanide loading in the waste glass, which is simulated by the lanthanide solubility in this study, however, is. Blog This Article Blog This Article: Highlight all The Effect of Temperature on the Redox Constraints for the Processing of High-Level Nuclear Waste into a Glass Waste Form Henry D. Schreiber. Scientific Basis for Nuclear Waste Management XIII to be held at a MRS Meeting in Boston, Massachusetts, November 27-30, 1989. September, 1989-: ~:: - : r y. \. 0 This is a preprint of a paper intended for publication in a journal or proceedings. Since. Feb 02, 1992 · Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research B64 1992 593-595 North-Holland Nuclear Instruments & Methods in Physics Research Section B Diffusion of cesium m sodium borosilicate glasses for nuclear waste immobilisation, studied by low-energy ion scattering 0. van Kessel, H.H. Brongersma, J.G.A. Holscher and R.G. van Welzenis Eindhoven University of. Scientific basis for nuclear waste management by Gregory J McCarthy. 1987 in English and held by 176 WorldCat member libraries worldwide. proceedings of the Materials Research Society.

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