Nine Years in Nipon: Sketches of Japanese Life and Manners (Cambridge Library Collection - Travel and Exploration in Asia) Henry Faulds »

Nine Years in Nipon Sketches of Japanese Life and Manners. Get access. Series: Cambridge Library Collection - Travel and Exploration in Asia; Export citation Recommend to librarian Recommend this book. The Scottish doctor Henry Faulds 1843–1930 is best remembered for his role in the history of fingerprinting. About Cambridge Library Collection - Travel and Exploration in Asia Visit This collection of travel narratives, mainly from the nineteenth century, records the impressions of Europeans who visited China, Japan, South and South-East Asia.

Nine years in Nipon: sketches of Japanese life and manners. Henry Faulds. Cambridge University Press 2015 Cambridge library collection. Travel and exploration in Asia: pbk. It remains an engaging account of Japanese life, customs, geography and natural history, interwoven with discussions of topics such as education, language, and the future of the country. There are characterful line drawings throughout. Faulds' Dactylography 1912 is also reissued in the Cambridge Library Collection. Faulds, Henry, Nine Years in Nipon: Sketches of Japanese Life and Manners, 1885; reprinted, 1973. The unwittingly pompous but informative memoirs of a medical missionary whose work took him to places that most other Western travellers ignored.

Nine years in Nipon: sketches of Japanese life and manners. DS809 F261 2015. Henry Faulds. Cambridge, U.K.: Cambridge University Press, 2015. Pillaging the empire: global piracy on the high seas, 1500-1750. East Asia Program, Cornell University, c2015. Recherches sur l'histoire de l'astronomie ancienne. QB21 T167 2015. Nine Years in Nipon: Sketches of Japanese Life and Manners Cambridge Library Collection - Travel and Exploration in Asia PAP Faulds, Henry 201507 Cambridge Univ Pr: 靖国神社:歴史、記憶と日本の終わらない戦争. Nine years in Nipon. Sketches of Japanese life and manners: 2018-07-10T07:00:5700:00: 18 MB: Guidebook for Introducing Library Skills to Kindergarten and Primary Grades: 2018-06-21T20:00:4400:00: 21 MB: Pain: The Challenge and the Gift: 2019-08-11T19:59:1300:00: 21 MB: Das neue Reich. Bd. 9 2019-04-05T22:38:3000:00: 21 MB: Fernando. Collection of Travel Writings, Pt. 1 Victorian Lady Travellers in Asia Pt. 2 5 vols. Nine Years in Nipon, Sketches of Japanese Life and Manners. Japan in English. Vol. 20 Reprint of 1885 ed. Faulds, Henry 200210 Edition Synapse: A Budget of Letters from Japan: Reminiscences of Work and Travel in Japan.

Nine Years In Nipon: Sketches of Japanese Life and Manners, Faulds, 1885. The Intercourse Between The United States and Japan; An Historical Sketch, Inazo Nitobe, 1891. Glimpses of the Orient; The Manners, Customs, Life and History of the People of China, Japan and Corea, White, 1897. Under the Dragon Flag, Allan, 1898. Kinse Shiriaku. Nine years in Nipon: sketches of Japanese life and manners. Henry Faulds. Ganesha Publishing, Edition Synapse 2003 Japan in English: key nineteenth-century sources on Japan 1880-89, 1st ser.; v. 20: Ganesha Publishing,: Edition Synapse. 所蔵館77館.

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