Modern Women and Parisian Consumer Culture in Impressionist Painting Ruth E. Iskin »

This book examines the encounter between Impressionist painting and nineteenth-century consumer culture. Ruth E. Iskin explores the representation of feminine fashions, consumers and sales-women in Parisian boutiques. She revises our understanding of the representation of women in Impressionist painting by refocusing the exploration of gender. Modern Women and Parisian Consumer Culture in Impressionist Painting book. Read reviews from world’s largest community for readers. This book examines th.

MODERN WOMEN AND PARISIAN CONSUMER CULTURE IN IMPRESSIONIST PAINTING. This book examines the encounter between Impressionist painting and Parisian consumer culture. Its analysis of Impressionist paintings depicting women as con- sumers, producers or sellers in sites such as the millinery boutique, theater, opera, caf´e-concertandmarketrevisesourunderstandingoftherepresentationofwomen in Impressionist painting, from women. Ruth E. Iskin. Modern Women and Parisian Consumer Culture in Impressionist Painting. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2007. 288 pp. $96.00, cloth, ISBN 978-0-521-84080-4. Reviewed by Charlene Garfinkle Published on H-Women March, 2009 Commissioned by Holly S. Hurlburt Southern Illinois University Carbondale. Abstract. A review of 'Modern Women and Parisian Consumer Culture in Impressionist Painting' by Ruth E. Iskin New York: Cambridge University Press, 2007.

Ruth E. Iskin demonstrates that Impressionist painting addresses and represents women in active roles, and not only as objects on display, and probes the complex relationship among the Parisienne, French fashion and national identity. o n e: i n t r o d u c t i o n: i m p r e s s i o n i s m, c o n s u m e r c u l t u r e a n d m o d e r n w o m e n. Review by Kiri Bloom: Modern Women and Parisian Consumer Culture in Impressionist Painting. Modern Women and Parisian Consumer Culture in Impressionist Painting: Iskin, Ruth Libros.

'Impressionist painting and Parisian consumer culture are both identified with the emergence of the 'new' or modern city of the 1860s and 1870s. Ruth E. Iskin's book offers a comprehensive, nuanced and persuasive account of the intersection and mutual dependency between the two in shaping the visual culture of the time. Heather Belnap Jensen, French Studies 'Ruth E. Iskin explores the complicated relationship between Impressionist paintings and the burgeoning Parisian consumer culture in which they were created, writing about fine artists and their fascination with the mass-made object.

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