Materials Reliability in Microelectronics III: Volume 309 (MRS Proceedings) »

Reliability Issues of a Crack-Resistant Passivation Layer.

Volume 309 Symposium M2 – Materials Reliability in Microelectronics III 1993, 161 Effect of TiW As Adhesion Layer And Underlying Metal On Electromigration Characteristics of Tungsten Via Plugs Kamesh Gadepally a1, Padala Krishna Reddy a1, Siew Niew a1, Richard Merrill a1. Petermann, U. Baikie, I.D. Lägel, B. and Dirscherl, K.M. 2000. Work Function Study for the Search of Efficient Target Materials for Use in Hyperthermal Surface Ionization Using a Scanning Kelvin Probe. MRS Proceedings, Vol. 623, CrossRef; Google Scholar.

Mohapatra, S. Mahapatra, V. Ramgopal Rao, S. Shukuri and J.Bude, ~SEffect of Programming Biases on the Reliability of CHE and CHISEL Flash EEPROMs~T, Proceedings of the International Reliability Physics Symposium IRPS 2003, March 30 - April 3, 2003, Dallas,Texas, USA. Etch mask=metal_2 material=Oxide thickness=0.3 Layout Info 3D Structures Solution FieldsEffective Mobility Variations Reliability Analyses Process Info Process Simulation Finite Element Analysis Reliability Mobility Stress Variation Synopsys, IRPS 2009 IMEC/Synopsys et al, IEDM 2010 Model Selection Material Property Synopsys, AIP Conference. Materials Reliability in Microelectronics III: Volume 309 MRS Proceedings by Kenneth P. Rodbell, William F. Filter, et al. Aug 31, 1993 Hardcover. The microstructure and Cu distribution were determined for blanket and patterned Al≤4 wt % Cu thin films as a function of annealing. The growth of Θ‐phase Al2Cu precipitates in blanket and patterned submicrometer‐wide lines was quantified along with the Cu concentrations within the Al grains. The reliability of 0.5‐μm‐wide lines was found to be strongly influenced by the. back: the effect of thermally-induced stresses on electromigration lifetime of near-bamboo interconnects: articles: journal/conference: materials reliability in microelectronics iii.

MSQ matrix materials have a lower dielectric constant than HSQ ca 2.8 and ca 3.0–3.2, respectively because of the larger size of the CH 3 group and the lower polarizability of the Si–CH 3 bond compared with the Si–H bond. SSQ cages are metastable and tend to break down to the silica tetrahedral, especially during curing at elevated. Using of W‐plug vias in AlCu interconnects is known to significantly degrade electromigration EM performance because W is a diffusion barrier and prevents the depleting species by EM from being replenished at the via. In the present study, we demonstrate that this problem of limited source for EM migrating species can be dramatically alleviated in a multilayered metallization of TiN/AlCu.

“Accelerated Breakdown in Thin Oxide Films due to Interfacial Stress and Carrier Depletion”, V. Subramanian, N. Bhat, and K. C. Saraswat, Materials Reliability in Microelectronics VI, MRS Symposium proceedings, 1996, pp. 323-328. This work reports a statistical analysis of the evolution of polygranular segment lengths during high-temperature annealing of AlCu thin-film interconnects with quasi-bamboo microstructures. To create samples of AlCu lines that could be imaged by transmission electron microscopy without breaking or thinning, the lines were deposited on electron-transparent silicon nitride films the. IEEE Transactions on Device and Material Reliability, vol.4, no.7, pp.467- 481, 2004. S. Chungpaiboonpatana and Shi FG. Packaging of Cu/Low -k IC Devices: a Novel Direct Fine Pitch Gold Wirebond Ball Interconnects onto Copper/Low -k Terminal Pads. IEEE Transactions on Advanced Packaging, vol. 27, no.3, pp.476- 489, 2004.

PERGAMON Microelectronics Reliability 38 1998 1319-1323 MICROELECTRONICS RELIABILITY Advanced IGBT modules for railway traction applications: Reliability testing H. Berga, E. Wolfgangb a eupec GmbH, Max-Planck-Strafle 5, D-59582 Warstein, Germany b Siemens AG, Corporate Technology, Otto-Hahn-Ring 6, D-81730 Munich, Germany Abstract IGBT modules for railway traction applications. Materials Reliability in Microelectronics III1st Edition Volume 309 MRS Proceedings by Kenneth P. Rodbell, William F. Filter, Harold J. Frost, Paul S. Ho Paperback, 514 Pages, Published 2014 by Cambridge University Press ISBN-13: 978-1-107-40948-4, ISBN: 1-107-40948-9. Materials Research Society Bulletin 3411 781 2009 14. Shefford P. Baker “Advocacy: Why and How” Materials Research Society Bulletin, 344 227-228 2009 13. Shefford P. Baker “MRS/MRS-Mexico Hold Inaugural Joint Meeting” Materials Research Society Bulletin 343 149 2009 12. Wang, G., X. Zhang, and P. S. Ho, “Chip-Packaging Interaction and Reliability Impact on Cu/Low k Interconnects,” Conference Proceedings of the Eighth International Workshop on Stress-Induced Phenomena in Metallization, Dresden, Germany, September 12-14, 2005, AIP Conference Proceedings Volume 817, pp. 73-82, February 2006. The adhesion of interfaces in thin-film structures containing ductile polymer blanket films and patterned lines is reported. The intent of the study was to demonstrate that both the film thickness and the aspect ratio of patterned lines have a significant effect on the interfacial fracture energy of interfaces adjacent to the ductile polymer.

Kahn, C.V. Thompson, and S.S. Cooperman, Reliability of Interconnects Exhibiting Bimodal Electromigration-Induced Failure Distributions, MRS Symposium Proceedings, 265, 65 1992. C49. C.V. Thompson, Experimental and Theoretical Aspects of Grain Growth in Thin Films, Materials Science Forums 94-96, 245 1992. Jun 10, 2003 · Contributed by the Electronic and Photonic Packaging Division for publication in the JOURNAL OF ELECTRONIC PACKAGING.Manuscript received by the EPPD Division June 22, 2001. Guest Editors: Y. Muzychka and R. Culham. Jun 28, 2018 · Y. C. JOO and Thompson, C. V., “EVOLUTION OF ELECTROMIGRATION-INDUCED VOIDS IN SINGLE-CRYSTALLINE ALUMINUM LINES WITH DIFFERENT CRYSTALLOGRAPHIC ORIENTATIONS”, in Materials Reliability in Microelectronics Iii, vol. 309, 1993, pp. 351-356. [1] W. Goes, F. Schanovsky, H. Reisinger, B. Kaczer, and T. Grasser, “Bistable Defects as the Cause for NBTI and RTN,” Solid State Phenomena, vol. 178-179, pp.

Sep 01, 2009 · R.H. Shea, Reliability of MEMS for space applications, Reliability, Packaging, Testing and characterization of MEMS/MOEMS V. Proc. of SPIE Vol. 6111 2006 61110A. / Procedia Chemistry 1 2009A. 823820–823Neels et al. the irradiation time. Mar 05, 2019 · Consider the challenges of reducing the bandgap of Si from 1.1 eV in its stress-free state to 0 eV in a metal-like state, or converting diamond from an ultrawide-bandgap material into a wide or even medium-bandgap material so that the full potential of its many appealing characteristics for microelectronics and optoelectronics could be realized.

Aug 01, 2000 · Non-linear finite element analysis and materials testing for flip chip structures are carried out to investigate the reliability effect due to a number of selected parameters [2, 3]. reserved. 1244 H. Reichl et al./ Microelectronics ReliabiliO, 40 2000 1243 1254 Fig. 1. "A Low-Temperature Polycrystalline Si TFT Technology for Large-Area AMLCD Drivers", K. C. Saraswat, V. Subramanian, and S. Jurichich, Polycrystalline Thin Films III - Structure, Texture, Properties, and Applications, MRS Symposium Proceedings pp 439-449, 1997. Reliability and Design Qualification of a Sub-Micron Tungsten Silicide E-Fuse. Proceedings of the 10th Annual Meeting for the Symposium on Polymers in Microelectronics, Wilmington DE, 2001. Proceedings MRS April 1994, Vol 344, San Francisco, CA pp 203-208.

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