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Carbon Nanotube-Based Vacuum Microelectronic Gated Cathode.

Feb 10, 2011 · A vacuum microelectronic device containing carbon nanotube electron field-emitters was developed and tested. The gated cathode was fabricated using conventional microelectronics fabrication techniques and a final, self-aligned, in situ carbon nanotube growth step. To our knowledge, this is the first vacuum microelectronics device with carbon nanotube field-emitters grown in situ. Proceedings of MRS Meetings have been a staple of materials research libraries since the series started in the early 1980s. In addition to many titles still available in print, the MRS Online Proceedings Library Archive includes more than 100,000 peer-reviewed papers online—proceedings published from Volume 1 through the 2015 MRS Spring Meeting. The Archive is fully searchable and can be. Materials issues in vacuum microelectronics: symposium held April 13-16, 1998, San Francisco, California, U.S.A.

Nov 29, 2013 · Significant progress has been made in building multilevel copper interconnection systems for advanced microelectronics. In this article, we examine some of the materials science issues underlying this progress, and indicate where significant materials challenges remain. 978-1-107-41362-7 - Materials Research Society Symposium Proceedings: Volume 509: Materials Issues in Vacuum Microelectronics Editors: Wei Zhu, Lawrence S. Pan, Thomas E. Felter and Christopher Holland Excerpt More information. Namatsu, Hideo 2001. Nanoline Formation by Using Small-Aggregate Resist and Supercritical Resist Drying.MRS Proceedings, Vol. 705, Issue.

Ultra low-k materials used in Cu damascene process are inherently soft and weak in nature; hence the evaluation of tribological properties of these materials is an issue of paramount importance in the field of semiconductor fabrication.Chemical Mechanical Polishing CMP of these films is a major challenge due to their reduced modulus and cohesive strength. where ρ is the metal resistivity, ϵ 0 is the vacuum permittivity, k is the relative dielectric constant of interlayer dielectric ILD, P is the metal line pitch sum of line width and line spacing, T is the metal thickness and L is the metal line length. This equation demonstrates that RC delay can be reduced using metals with low resistivity and dielectric materials with a low dielectric. MRS, the Materials Research Society, offers materials science journals, materials science meetings, and materials science outreach to an international, interdisciplinary science community.

Journal of Vacuum Science & Technology B: Microelectronics and Nanometer Structures Processing, Measurement, and Phenomena > Volume 20, Issue 5 > 10.1116/1.1511216. Volume 509. 2019. Previous issue Next issue. 13th Joint Conference on Chemistry 13th JCC 7–8 September 2018, Semarang, Indonesia. Accepted papers.

Materials Issues in Copper Interconnections MRS Bulletin.

Using the particle-in-cell simulation code MAGIC, a vacuum microelectronics tetrode with a planar emitter has been simulated. The electron beam streamlines have been evaluated, which show that the upper gate focuses the electron beam. The current distribution between gate and anode has been calculated and the effect of the lower gate voltage and the emitter size on emitted current and gate. A novel thermal microprobe is proposed and its operation is theoretically analyzed. The thermal sensitivity of the microprobe is assured by a field emission diode using n-Si /nitrogen doped as a cathode. The cathode layer is placed on the atomic force microscope cantilever on the opposite side of the sharp sensing stylus, thus allowing for both mechanical and thermal maps of the sample to be. Jul 18, 2020 · The Journal of Electronic Materials is a peer-reviewed journal that reports monthly on the science and technology of electronic materials, while examining new applications for semiconductors, magnetic alloys, dielectrics, nanoscale materials, and photonic materials. In addition to original research papers, review papers are published on current topics in order to enable individuals in the. Activation energy of electromigration damage was determined as 1.2 eV for Cu lines, indicating grain boundary paths for electromigrationo The surface diffusion was found to play a role during.

May 15, 2000 · 4. Results and discussion 4.1. Emission characteristics of non-gated type photocathode. At first, a field emitter type photocathode with non-gated type field emitters and a-Si:H photodiode film was fabricated and measured in a vacuum chamber the base pressure was 7×10 −9 Torr.The distance between the anode and the chip of n-type field emitter array was kept at 10 μm. IOP Conference Series Materials Science and Engineering Read 1100 articles with impact on ResearchGate, the professional network for scientists. Journal of Vacuum Science & Technology B: Microelectronics and Nanometer Structures Processing, Measurement, and Phenomena > Volume 17, Issue 5 > 10.1116/1.590881.

The formation of through-silicon vias TSVs provides a vertical interconnect scheme that can be used in three-dimensional stacking technologies. A sloped via sidewall is essential for conformal coverage of via lining materials deposited in subsequent steps that provide insulation Si O 2, barrier TaN, and metal seed Cu layers. In this article, via sidewall angles in the range of 83. The cold-cathode electron emission properties of amorphous tetrahedral diamondlike carbon are promising for flat-panel display and vacuum microelectronics technologies. The onset of electron emission is, typically, preceded by “conditioning” where the material. The cold-cathode electron emission properties of amorphous tetrahedral diamondlike carbon are promising for flat-panel display and vacuum microelectronics technologies. The onset of electron emission is, typically, preceded by “conditioning” where the material is stressed by an applied electric field. To simulate conditioning and assess its effect, we combined the spatially localized field. Brent Huigens was featured in Mustang Daily, “Grad Student Works to Transform Internet,” Wednesday, February 14, 2007, Volume LXX, Number 87, p.1-2. Publications & Presentations R. N. Savage, “The Transition of XPS, SIMS and Auger based Materials Analysis Techniques from Lab-to-Fab”, Solid State Technology, August, 2003.

Porous low dielectric constant materials for microelectronics.

The problems of simulation of discharge current control and its gas-dynamic stabilization for technological glow discharge electron guns with a cold cathode are considered in a paper. Such guns are successfully operated in soft vacuum and can be used in modern microelectronic technologies for providing of thermal operations with using different.

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