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Aug 19, 1988 · M. Stuke, Y. Zhang and S. Küper, Fundamentals of Laser Photochemistry for Surface Modification, in: Proceedings MRS 1987 Fall Meeting, Symposium B. Laser- and Particle-Beam Chemical Processing for Microelectronics. Maximum fluences of 330 mJ/cm' Ar laser and 1.8 J/cm2 ArF laser are used for processing. The reflectivity and the transmission of the samples is monitored in real time by means of a HeNe laser beam 632.8 nm with a size at the irradiation site of 4.8 or 160 Am 1/e z diameter for Ar and ArF laser processing, respectively. 3.

Mar 25, 2011 · A review of various laser techniques for microscale processing of SiC for microelectronics and microelectromechanical-system applications is presented. SiC is an excellent material for harsh environments due to its outstanding mechanical, thermal, and chemical properties. However, its extreme thermodynamic stability and inert properties created difficulties in conventional. Apr 11, 2014 · Materials processing using ultrafast lasers, lasers that emit light pulses shorter than a few tens of picoseconds, was first reported in 1987 by Srinivasan et al. 1, Küper and Stuke. 2 They.

Mar 01, 1997 · We have investi- gated a number of laser processes based on both WF,/H, and WF,/SiH4 gas mixtures [27,28,30-381 and we present an overview of the process development of the Arand diode laser direct writing on TiN, poly- and Engineering B45 1996 200-207 201 796 nm diode spot size 12 nm x 93 nm 100 nm TiN on 800 nm SiO,/Si 1 1 0 0 3 3 20-150. R. J. Baseman, A. Gupta, R. C. Sausa, and C. Progler, in Laser and Particle‐Beam Chemical Processing for Microelectronics, Materials Research Society Proceedings No. 101, edited by D. J. Ehrlich, G. S. Higashi, and M. M. Oprysko Materials Research. Abstract Laser-induced chemical vapor deposition LCVD is an important process for freeform microfabrication of high aspect ratio prototypes.The system consists of a laser beam focused onto a movable substrate in a vacuum chamber. Heat from the laser at or near the focal spot of the beam causes gas in the chamber to react. G. Auvert, Y. Pauleau, and D. Tonneau, in Laser and Particle-Beam Chemical Processing for Microelectronics, Mater. Res. Soc. Symp. Proc, Vol. 101, edited by D. J. Ehrlich, G. S. Higashi, and M. M. Oprysko Materials Research Society, Pittsburgh, PA, 1988, p. 125. Google Scholar; 25. S. Boughaba and G. Auvert, Appl. Surf. Sci. 69, 79 1993. The minimum 248 nm, 25 ns, and 532 nm, 15 ns laser fluences required to blow off thin gold films from optical quartz have been measured as a function of film thickness. The films apparently blow of.

Nickel microstructures were produced from decomposition of NiCO 4 on quartz plates locally heated with a focused cw CO 2 laser beam operating at 10.59 μm. The profile and deposition rate of Ni dots were determined as functions of irradiation time, reactant pressure, laser power, and laser‐induced surface temperature. The kinetic data were found to be in good agreement with those of the. Nickel dots and films were deposited on Si‐coated quartz plates by the cw Arlaser‐induced decomposition of NiCO 4 at a temperature in the range of 200–400 °C. The deposited material was characterized by x‐ray diffraction, Auger spectroscopy, nuclear reaction analyses, and scanning electron microscopy. The deposition kinetics of Ni dots formed in the laser‐heated area of 200 μm. Visible and ultraviolet light was employed in a series of refining experiments to reveal the kinetics of photon-enhanced oxidation of silicon. The experimental evidence then gave rise to an electron-active silicon oxidation process involving electron emission from Si into SiO2 moderating the dissociation of molecular oxygen near the interface.

Jan 01, 1990 · C/,etnical Engineering Scienee. V0]. 45. No. 8, pp. 25]] 25i8, 990. 0009 2509190 53.00 0.00 Printed in Great Britain. 1990 Pergamon Press pic OPTICALLY INDUCED BIFURCATIONS IN LASER DIRECT-WRITE METALLIZATION P. E. PRICE JR. and K. F. JENSEN Department of Chemical Engineering and Materials Science, University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, MN 55455 Department of Chemical. Full text of "DTIC ADA229587: Processing Science of Advanced Ceramics.Materials Research Society Symposium Proceedings. Volume 155" See other formats. Abstract. Laser patterning comprises a combination of laser-assisted methods for direct maskless structuring the surface of a solid [7.1–6]. This laser-assisted micro-technological lithographic technique has extensively been investigated, and some of the achievements have already found concrete industrial application [7.1–11]. A novel process is discussed for producing a wide variety of ceramic powders with unique physical and chemical characteristics. Silicon, Si 3 N 4, and SiC powders were produced from CO 2 laser‐heated gas‐phase reactants; a detailed description of this laser‐driven process is presented. The physical, chemical, and crystalline nature of the resultant powders and the effect of process.

R. J Baseman, A. Gupta, R. C. Sausa and C. Progler, in “Laser and particle-beam chemical processing for microelectronics”, edited by D. J. Ehrlich, G. S. Higashi. Abstract. In the early 1980s, a large number of scientific works have been dedicated to laser processing of materials, in particular in the field of microelectronic materials and devices for various applications such as wafer marking, substrate surface cleaning, doping and oxidation of silicon, etching and deposition of thin films, exposure or removal of photo-resists, and recrystallization of. Dec 02, 1990 · 264 Applied Surface Science 46 1990 264-271 North-Holland Surface modifications of Kapton and cured polyimide films by ArF excimer laser: applications to imagewise wetting and metallization Hiroyuki Hiraoka and Sylvain Lazare Laboratoire de Photophysique et Photochimie Molulaire, URA CNRS n 348, Unioersitde Bordeaux 1, 33405 Talence. This article is cited by 17 publications. Gerhard. Stingeder. Determination of phosphorus distribution in the silicon dioxide/silicon layer system by secondary ion mass spectrometry. Read open access proceedings from science conferences worldwide. Books. Publishing Support. Login. T. Sameshima, S. Usui 1987 Proc. MRS 1986 on Laser and Particle Beam Chemical Processing for Microelectronics eds., D. J. Ehrlich.

A comparative study on metal pattern deposition of mm2-area by ablating chromium and titanium thin films from an optically transparent support and transferring the ablated material onto another substrate in close proximity with a single laser pulse LIFT is reported. The role of support-film interface and film-to-substrate distance in determining both ablation and transfer is discussed. The laser structure was a graded-index separate confinement multiple quantum well heterostructure and the mirrors were formed with an optimized BCl 3 RIE process. The laser interferometry was used for real-time identification of heterointerfaces, monitor of the etch rate, end point control and detection of the development of roughness during. Download Laser and Particle-Beam Chemical Processing for Microelectronics: Volume 101 MRS Proceedings pdf by Daniel J. Ehrlich, Gregg S. Higashi, Modest M. Oprysko.

E.L. Joyce, T.R. Jervis, An Analysis of the Effect of System Variables on the Quality of Thin Films and Powders Produced by Laser-Breakdown Chemical Vapor Deposition, MRS Proceedings, 10.1557/PROC-101-243, 101, 2011. Journal of Vacuum Science & Technology B: Microelectronics and Nanometer Structures Processing, Measurement, and Phenomena > Volume 19, Issue 4 > 10.1116/1.1382871. A.A. Maznev, M. Gostein, and S.H. Brongersma, "Characterization of electroplated copper films with laser-generated surface acoustic waves", in Materials, Technology and Reliability for Advanced Interconnects and Low-k Dielectrics, Materials Research Society Proceedings Vol. 766, Materials Research Society, Warrendale, 2003 p. 415-420. MRS Volume on Process Diagnostics: Materials, Combustion and Fusion, 117, 137 1988. in Chemical Prospectives of Microelectronics Materials III 282, 493-498 1993. MRS Proceedings on Metastable Metals-Based Phases and Microsctructures inpress. P. Grigoropoulos, Ultra high resolution, low temperature, direct metal patterning by selective laser processing of solution deposited metal nanoparticles, MRS Proceedings, 10.1557/PROC-1247-C09-05,.

  1. MATERIALS RESEARCH SOCIETY SYMPOSIUM PROCEEDINGS VOLUME 101 Laser and Particle-Beam Chemical Processing for Microelectronics Symposium held December 1-3, 1987, Boston, Massachusetts, U.S.A. EDITORS: Daniel J. Ehrlich MIT Lincoln Laboratories, Lexington, Massachusetts, U.S.A. Gregg S. Higashi AT&T Bell Laboratories, Murray Hill, New Jersey, U.S.A.
  2. Feb 26, 2011 · Volume 101 Symposium B – Laser and Particle-Beam Chemical Processing for Microelectronics 1987, 411 Laser-Induced Surface Modification and Etching of Materials D. Bauerle a1, M. Eyett a1, U. Kolzer a1, R. Kullmer a1, P. Mogyorosi a1 and K. Piglmayer a1.
  3. Feb 26, 2011 · Volume 101 Symposium B – Laser and Particle-Beam Chemical Processing for Microelectronics 1987, 43 Laser Direct Writing of Aluminum T. Cacourisa1, G. Scelsia1, R. Scarmozzinoa1, R.M. Osgooda1and R.R. Krchnaveka2.
  4. SUPPLEMENTARY NOTATION Prepared for publication in Laser and Particle-Beam Chemical Processing for Microelectronics, edited by D. J. Ehrlich, G. S. Higashi and M. M. Oprysko, Materials Research Society Symposium Proceedings, Volume 101 17.

September 1991 European Materials Research Society Meeting, Carcans-Maubuisson, France, "Effects of Ambient Background Gases on YBCO Plume Propagation under Film Growth Conditions: Spectroscopic, Ion Probe, and Fast Photographic Studies" November 1990 Materials Research Society Symposium X, Frontiers in Physics, "Laser Ablation Processing". Laser process Laser additive manufacturing of embedded electronics 323 predicted speeds were underestimated at higher fluences. It was reported that the laser fluence of 4.5 J/cm2 to release the die was below the calculated fluence threshold of 17 J/cm2 for silicon damage, but no experimental evidence was given. Dec 12, 2000 · In Table I, m is the heated mass in picograms, T v is the vaporization temperature, E v is the vaporization energy in nanojoules, and D T is the thermal diffusivity. The distance that thermal energy travels during the T L = 1 picosecond laser pulse is given by x 0 =π/2√D T t L, and Δ s is the electromagnetic "skin depth"; both latter dimensions are in angstroms 10-8 cm. Laser direct-write processing techniques are being applied for rapid prototyping and to specific 3D fabrication steps where conventional microelectronics fabrication techniques fall short. "A /Si Interface Characteristics Formed by Partially Ionized Beam Deposition at 2.5 KV", J. Wong, T.-M. Lu and C. Lam, in Laser and Particle-Beam Chemical Processing for Microelectronics.

An excimer laser-induced forward transfer technique has been used for selective prenucleation of arbitrary substrate materials with palladium. Palladium acetate films on a quartz substrate were irradiated through the support causing simultaneous decomposition of the palladium acetate and deposition of palladium on a substrate at a short distance to the palladium acetate film. The palladium. Parshuram B. Zantye, Ashok Kumar, A. K. Sikder, “Chemical Mechanical Planarization for Microelectronics Applications” Materials Science and Engineering R, Vol. 45/3-6, pp 89-220 2004 Impact Factor: 17.73, This article was listed in TOP 25 articles in all Materials Science journals published by Elsevier Science, 2005. "Al/Si Interface Characteristics Formed by Partially Ionized Beam Deposition at 2.5 KV", J. Wong, T.-M. Lu and C. Lam, in Laser and Particle-Beam Chemical Processing for Microelectronics.

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