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$11.57 Keeping the Printing Plant Young: A Discussion of the Success of Permanency and Profit-Making Conditions Classic Reprint Paperback – February 15, 2018 by Henry Lewis Bullen Author. This banner text can have markup. web; books; video; audio; software; images; Toggle navigation.

Keeping the printing plant young; a discussion of the success of permanency and profit-making conditions, By 1857-1938. Henry Lewis Bullen. Abstract. 105 title-pages entered in title-page competition.Reprinted from the Printing art for November, MDCCCCIX.Mode of access: Internet. May 15, 1976 · Columbia Univ graduate student David Madison, working on doctorate about printer Henry Lewis Bullen, discovers whereabouts of 23 of 24 stained-glass windows created 50 yrs ago to commem printers. Aug 21, 2012 · And it was in 1892 that worsening conditions in the handset-type business forced 23 of the largest remaining type foundries in America to consolidate into the American Type Founders Company, where Henry Lewis Bullen began collecting one of the country’s largest type-founding and printing libraries, now housed at Columbia University, in New York. 1 By the late 19th century, anxieties over the loss of the old ways of printing. Examples include Henry Lewis Bullen’sThe Nuremberg ChronicleIts Background, its Provenance, its Creators, its Patrons, its Illustrations, and its Literary Plan San Francisco, 1930, printed by John Henry Nash, and Ernest Johnson’sLiber Chronicarum: A Folio of the Nuremberg Chronicle Restored from an Incomplete Copy from the Library of.

Henry Lewis Bullen, “The Printer Leaders of the Pilgrim Fathers,” p. 48-49. George Ernest Bowman, “The Mayflower Compact and Its Signers,” p. 49-52. Arthur Pemberton, “The Pilgrims and the Lettering on Burial Hill,” p. 52. Joseph Moxon, “In the Old-time Printing Offices,” p. 53-56. “Story of the Editorial Inserts,” p. 57-60. business was still shaky, according to Henry L. Bullen. Writing fifty years later, Bullen re— ported that frequently Golding had difficulty in paymg his workmen on payday. 7 In 1882 Golding hired the twenty—five—year—old Bullen to edit and print his house organ, The Bulletin of Novelties. Bullen's salesmanship and lively. Born in the USA in 1900 [her mum was a literary critic, dad a composer], she moved to Europe to pursue her typographic career after learning her trade from Henry Lewis Bullen. Now there’s another story.

Page nine any one to lose, den dat calomel what dat doctor would give us would purty nigh kill us. Den dey keeps all kinds of lead bullets and asafoetida balls 'round our necks and some carried a rabbit foot wid dem all de time to keep off evil of any kind. "Lawd,Lawd, honey 1 It seems impossible dat any of us ev'r lived to see dat day of freedom, but thank God ws did. Many years later, in 1922, Henry Lewis Bullen, the historian and publicist for the American Type Founders Company, described this period of Boyd’s life in an article for The Inland Printer: Before Gove died, Benton had completed his self-instruction in typefounding and found himself on the most intimate terms with decimal fractions.

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