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Octavian Ichim Just Satisfaction under the European.

Octavian Ichim is a legal researcher with an interdisciplinary background. He previously worked as a case lawyer at the Registry of the European Court of Human Rights. This book is a fully updated and revised version of his thesis, which won the 2013 René Cassin Thesis Prize from the International Institute of Human Rights, Strasbourg, France. How effective is the European Court of Human Rights in dispensing justice? With over 17,000 judgments handed down, it is undoubtedly the most prolific international court but is it the most efficient when compensating the victims of a violation? This crucial but often overlooked question is.

Just Satisfaction under the European Convention on Human Rights by Ichim, Octavian 2014 Hardcover on. FREE shipping on qualifying offers.</plaintext> Dec 15, 2014 · Just Satisfaction under the European Convention on Human Rights by Octavian Ichim 2014-12-15 [Octavian Ichim] on. FREE shipping on qualifying offers. Ebook > Social Sciences > Law > International Law > Octavian Ichim: Just Satisfaction under the European Convention on Human Rights ePUB Octavian Ichim Just Satisfaction under the European Convention on Human Rights. Support. Adobe DRM. How effective is the European Court of Human Rights in dispensing justice? With over 17, 000 judgments.</p> <p>Ebook > Social Sciences > Law > International Law > Octavian Ichim: Just Satisfaction under the European Convention on Human Rights PDF Octavian Ichim Just Satisfaction under the European Convention on Human Rights. Support. Adobe DRM. How effective is the European Court of Human Rights in dispensing justice? With over 17, 000 judgments. Just satisfaction under the European Convention on Human Rights / Octavian Ichim. pages cm Revision of author’sthesisdoctoral– Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies, Geneva, Switzerland, 2012. ISBN 978-1-107-07236-7 Hardback 1. European Court of Human Rights. 2. In Georgia v. Russia I Just Satisfaction, the Grand Chamber of the European Court of Human Rights ECtHR or Court ordered the Russian Federation to pay Georgia EUR 10 million as reparation for Russia's “coordinated policy of arresting, detaining and expelling Georgian nationals” in the autumn of 2006 paras. 51, 80. Buy Just Satisfaction under the European Convention on Human Rights by Octavian Ichim ISBN: 9781107072367 from Amazon's Book Store. Everyday low prices and free delivery on eligible orders. Just satisfaction claims 86F 1 I. Introduction 1. The award of just satisfaction is not an automatic consequence of a finding by the European Court of Human Rights that there has been a violation of a right guaranteed by the European Convention on Human Rights or its Protocols. The wording of Article 41, which provides that the Court shall.</p> <h2>Just satisfaction claims1 - European Court of Human Rights.</h2> <p>The Court has the power under Article 41 of the European Convention on Human Rights to award “just satisfaction” to those who have suffered violations of their Convention rights. Such an award is equivalent to damages or compensation for the injured party or arties. Buy Just Satisfaction under the European Convention on Human Rights: Written by Octavian Ichim, 2014 Edition, Publisher: Cambridge University Press [Hardcover] by Octavian Ichim ISBN: 8601416366456 from Amazon's Book Store. 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