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MOCVD of Ferroelectric Thin Films - Volume 784 - C. E. Rice, S. Sun, J. D. Cuchiaro, L. G. Provost, G. S. Tompa Skip to main content Accessibility help We use cookies to distinguish you from other users and to provide you with a better experience on our websites. MATERIALS RESEARCH SOCIETY SYMPOSIUM PROCEEDINGS VOLUM E 784 Ferroelectric Thin Films XII Symposium held December 1-4, 2003, Boston, Massachusetts, U.S.A. EDITORS: Susanne Hoffmann-Eifert Forschungszentrum Jiilich GmbH Julich, Germany Hiroshi Funakubo Tokyo Institute of Technology Tokyo, Japan Vikram Joshi Symetrix Corporation. 978-1-107-40935-4 - Ferroelectric Thin Films XII: Symposium held December 1-4, 2003, Boston, Massachusetts, U.S.A. Edited by Susanne Hoffmann-Eifert, Hiroshi Funakubo, Vikram Joshi. Feb 01, 2011 · Volume 784 Symposium C – Ferroelectric Thin Films XII 2003, C11.60 Simulation of Phonon-Polariton Generation and Propagation in Ferroelectric LiNbO 3 Crystals. Ferroelectric Thin Films XII: Volume 784 - MRS Proceedings Paperback S. Hoffmann-Eifert £22.00 Paperback.

We report ferroelectric properties and local hysteresis behavior of 2 mole percent Si added PbTiO 3 thin films grown on Pt/TiO 2 /SiO 2 /Si substrate by using pulsed laser deposition technique. The ferroelectric hysteresis loop and scanning piezoresponce images obtained on these films by using AFM with conducting tip demonstrate excellent properties, which are equivalent to any other. Sep 12, 2006 · Properties of thin films that are important for applications are then addressed: polarization reversal and properties related to the reliability of ferroelectric memories, piezoelectric nonlinearity of ferroelectric films which is relevant to microsystems’ applications, and permittivity and loss in ferroelectric films—important in all. Kaibin Ruan, Guangheng Wu, Hong Zhou, Dinghua Bao, Optical characteristics of Bi4-xEuxTi3O12 ferroelectric thin films on fused silica substrates, Journal of Electroceramics, 10.1007/s10832-012-9735-2, 29, 1, 37-41, 2012. Volume 784 Symposium C – Ferroelectric Thin Films XII 2003, C6.9 Polarization Reversal Anti-parallel to the Applied Electric Field Observed Using a Scanning Nonlinear Dielectric Microscopy Takeshi Morita a1 and Yasuo Cho a1.

Journal description. The MRS Online Proceedings Library Archive includes more than 100,000 peer-reviewed papers online—proceedings published from Volume 1 through the 2015 MRS Spring Meeting. Ferroelectric materials have remained one of the major focal points of condensed matter physics and materials science for over 50 years. In the last 20 years, the development of voltage-modulated scanning probe microscopy techniques, exemplified by Piezoresponse force microscopy PFM and associated time- and voltage spectroscopies, opened a pathway to explore these materials on a single-digit. Volume 784 Symposium C – Ferroelectric Thin Films XII 2003, C4.1 Liquid injection MOCVD and ALD studies of “single source” Sr-Nb and Sr-Ta precursors Richard J. Potter a1, Paul A. Marshall a1, John L. Roberts a2, Anthony C. Jones a2 a3. 1. Introduction. Ferroelectric thin films have been intensively studied for possible applications in tunable microwave devices because of their high dielectric permittivity, low dielectric losses and high tunability, that is the non-linear dependence of the permittivity on the applied electric field.1, 2 Ferroelectric domains lead to high dielectric losses, therefore materials for tunable. materials research society symposium proceedings xii part i: ferroelectric thin films: fabrication and characterization •ferroelectric thin films for microelectromechanical device applications 3 d.l. polla, w.p. robbins, t. tamagawa, and c. ye smart ferroelectric films and fibers; applications in micromechanics 11.

Local Hysteresis Behavior of Ferroelectric Thin Films of.

Aug 31, 2010 · Polarization switching in ergodic relaxor and ferroelectric phases in the PbMg1/3Nb2/3O3–PbTiO3. Tagantsev, P. Muralt, and J. Fousek, Ferroelectric Thin Films XII, MRS Symposia Proceedings No. 784 Materials Research Society. Volume 593, 30 October 2015,. M. Maglione, G. GueganMicrowave characterization of ferroelectric thin films for novel compact tunable bst filters. Microwave Integrated Circuits Conference EuMIC, 2013 European 2013, pp. 460-463. Google Scholar. Symposium C — Ferroelectric Thin Films XII, Vol. 784 of MRS Proceedings 2003, 10.1557. Kazumi Kato, Kazuyuki Suzuki, Kaori Nishizawa, Takeshi Miki, Ferroelectric and Fatigue Properties of Alkoxy-Derived CaBi 2 Ta 2 O 9 Thin Films, MRS Proceedings, 10.1557/PROC-655-CC12.12.1, 655,.

A rapid thermal annealing RTA technique has been employed to process lead zirconate titanate PZT films prepared by reactive magnetron sputtering. The films were fabricated by dc sputtering a multielement metal target in an oxygen ambient at a substrate temperature of 200 °C. A subsequent postdeposition RTA at 600 °C for 5 s crystallizes the films into a perovskite‐type structure. Costas G. Fountzoulas, Steven C. Tidrow, Michael Hatzistergos, Harry Efstathiadis, Effect of Deposition Parameters on the Microstructural Evolution and Electrical Properties of Charge-Balanced Barium Strontium Titanate Ferroelectric Thin Films Deposited on Ceramic Substrates by Pulsed Laser Deposition, MRS Proceedings, 10.1557/PROC-784-C11.48. We are pleased to present the fourth edition of the Special Topic Issue on Piezoresponse Force Microscopy and Nanoscale Phenomena in Polar Materials published as a part of the joint IEEE ISAF-ECAPD Conference. In the last two decades since its inception, 1–6 1. K. Franke, J. Besold, W. Haessler, and C. Seegebarth, “ Modification and detection of domains on ferroelectric PZT films by.

Ferroelectric thin filmsReview of materials, properties.

Jan 29, 2014 · Mutsuo Ishikawa et al 2003 MRS Proceedings 784. Crossref. Ferroelectric property of an epitaxial lead zirconate titanate thin film deposited by a hydrothermal method Takeshi Morita et al 2003 MRS Proceedings 784. Crossref. Lead zirconate titanate PZT films deposited by a hydrothermal method Sébastien Euphrasie et al 2003 Solid State. Joseph F. Shepard, Susan Trolier-McKinstry, Mary Hendrickson, Robert Zeto, The Effects of Biaxial Stress on the Ferroelectric Characteristics of PZT Thin Films, MRS Proceedings.

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