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Das Stadt-theater zu Leipzig vom 1. Januar 1862 bis 1. September 1887. Januar 1862 bis 1. September 1887 by Georg Hermann Müller. Publication date 1887 Publisher Duncker & Humblot Collection. source edition 71764451 Year 1887. Show. Title and imprint vary; v. 2: Das Stadt-theater zu Leipzig. Statistik vom Tage seiner Begründung am 26. August 1817 bis 1. April 1891. II. Band..

Das Stadt-theater zu Leipzig Vom 1. Januar 1862 bis 1. September 1887 German Edition by Georg Hermann Mller, Georg Hermann Müller, Georg Hermann Mã Ller, Georg Hermann Muller Paperback, 388 Pages, Published 2009 by Bibliolife ISBN-13: 978-1-110-26287-8, ISBN: 1-110-26287-6. Das Stadt-Theater Zu Leipzig Vom 1. Januar 1862 Bis 1. September 1887 by Georg Hermann Mller, Georg Hermann Müller Hardcover, 388 Pages, Published 2009 by Bibliolife ISBN-13: 978-1-110-71487-2, ISBN: 1-110-71487-4.

, ‘The concept of German Idealism’, unpublished conference paper, ‘German Idealism – Philosophy and Religion as a Matter of Life’, Center for Subjectivity Research and Goethe-Institut Kopenhagen, Copenhagen, 1–3 March 2006. The emphasis in this paper [1] is on Christoffel's early years as a student and instructor at the University of Berlin, and not so much on his professorial years at Zurich 1862-1869, Berlin 1869-1872, and Strasbourg 1872-1900. Historischer Calender für Damen Leipzig 1791–93. Book edition Leipzig 1802. [Schiller, Friedrich.] Die Horen. Eine Monatschrift. Edited by Friedrich Schiller. 12 vols. Tübingen 1795–97. 1 Pre-publication announcement by Schiller in the Intelligenzblatt of the Allgemeine Literatur-Zeitung 1794 140 Wednesday, 10 December 1794 1129–36. 25 Wright Armitage to Enoch Armitage, Dukinfield, April 16, 1817, in Armitage Papers, Manuscripts and Archives Division, New York Public Library, New York; see also the letters in the Papers of McConnel & Kennedy, record group MCK, box 2/1/1; Letterbook, 1805–1810, box 2/2/3; Letterbook, May 1814 to September 1816, box 2/2/5; Consignments.

Boehm et Fils, Montpellier. 80 pp. 8vo [DP: 1887 title page, 22 September 1887 Rev Clin Thérap 1: 496, 29 October 1887 Bibl Fr, November 1887 Nat Nov, 9 January 1888 Zool Anz, January 1888 Polybiblion] GAL. This work was first presented as a thesis at the Faculté de médecine of the Académie de Montpellier in France. 1 Wilhelm Richard Wagner b Leipzig, 22 May 1813; d Venice, 13 Feb 1883. Composer. One of the key figures in the history of opera, Wagner was largely responsible for. Holding Things Together. August Wilhelm Schlegel and Caroline were formally divorced in the summer of 1803. 1 Herder, before he died in 1803, had had to give his approval as superintendent-general of the Lutheran church and the ducal consistory in Saxe-Weimar, and Goethe used his good offices with Voigt the minister to see the matter to its conclusion.

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