Cubical Homotopy Theory (New Mathematical Monographs) Ismar Voli? »

Oct 06, 2015 · His research area is algebraic topology, and his work spans topics such as embedding theory, knot theory, and homotopy theory. Ismar Volić is an Associate Professor of Mathematics at Wellesley College, Massachusetts. Cubical Homotopy Theory New Mathematical Monographs Book 25 - Kindle edition by Munson, Brian A., Volić, Ismar. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets. Use features like bookmarks, note taking and highlighting while reading Cubical Homotopy Theory New Mathematical Monographs Book 25. Cubical Homotopy Theory Brian A. Munson, Ismar Volić Graduate students and researchers alike will benefit from this treatment of classical and modern topics in homotopy theory of topological spaces with an emphasis on cubical diagrams. The book contains 300 examples and provides detailed explanations of many fundamental results.

Cubical Homotopy Theory. knot theory, and homotopy theory. ismar voli´c is an Associate Professor of Mathematics at Wellesley College, Massachusetts. He has held postdoctoral and visiting positions at the University of. NEW MATHEMATICAL MONOGRAPHS Editorial Board Béla Bollobás, William Fulton, Anatole Katok, Frances Kirwan, Peter. Cubical diagrams are an essential concept for stating and understanding the generalized Blakers-Massey Theorems, fundamental results lying at the inter- section of stable and unstable homotopy theory. Our proof of these theorems is new, purely homotopy-theoretic in nature, and uses only elementary meth- ods. to develop the homotopy theory of cubical sets by analogy with the homotopy theory of simplicial sets. Unfortunately for that point of view see Remark 8, the topological realization functor does not preserve products, even up to weak equivalence, and this has the ultimate effect of breaking the analogue of the theory of minimal fibrations. Cubical Homotopy Theory New Mathematical Monographs Book 25 eBook: Munson, Brian A., Volić, Ismar: Amazon.: Kindle Store. New Mathematical Monographs. 出版社:. Cubical Homotopy Theory Brian A. Munson、Ismar Volić / Cambridge University Press / 2015-10-6 目前无人评价 Graduate students and researchers alike will benefit from this modern treatmen. Monopoles and Three-manifolds.

The New Mathematical Monographs are dedicated to books containing an in-depth discussion of a substantial area of mathematics. They bring the reader to the forefront of research by presenting a synthesis of the key results, while also acknowledging the wider mathematical context. of new theorems—succinctly describes the character and focus of the course that produced these lecture notes. While certain results appearing below may surprise working homotopy theorists, the mathematical content of this text is not substantially new. Instead, the central. The central project of homotopy theory, broadly defined, is to. new cubical type theories [1, 7, 11, 25], the present paper can be conducted entirely by making appropriate definitions in “book homotopy type theory” [29]—Martin-Löf type theory with the univalence axiom and higher inductive types. Higher cubes can be.

Cubical Homotopy Theory (New Mathematical Monographs) Ismar Voli?

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