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Aug 12, 2013 · The later China Under the Search-Light, first published in 1901, uses Western clich?s about China as a point of departure to offer a more nuanced understanding of the underlying facts and problems specific to Chinese society. In this book, Cornaby discusses contemporary topics such as overcrowding in Shanghai, mandarins, and Buddhism. Get this from a library! China Under the Search-Light. [W Arthur Cornaby]. Travel and Exploration in Asia: Responsibility: William Arthur Cornaby. Reviews.Cambridge Library Collection - Travel and Exploration in Asia\/span>\n \u00A0\u00A0\u00A0\n schema. This 1889 book describes an unusual overland journey from Beijing to Calais, undertaken in 1887 by Harry de Windt 1856-1933, an explorer and travel writer, who later went from Paris to New York. This series focuses on East and South-East Asia from the early modern period to the end of the Victorian era. It includes contemporary accounts of European encounters with the civilisations of China, Japan and South-East Asia from the time of the Jesuit missions and the East India companies to the Chinese revolution of 1911. The article also points out that the exploration of China’s first library is an ongoing process which will consider new palaeographical and archaeological discoveries in the future. Keywords: oracle bone inscription, Chinese writing, book, housing, arrangement, first library.

Cornaby explains that his title suggests that the reader possesses 'a collection of desiccated tales, legends, and the like, picked up here and there along the highways and byways of China'. Cornaby's work covers the period 1849–1867, and discusses the major episodes of the Taiping Rebellion 1850–1864 as well as providing a detailed account of village life in central China, with its farm work. The China Digital Library 中华数字书苑 was presented to the University of Cambridge by Premier Wen Jiabao of the People's Republic of China on 2nd February 2009. It. About 3,000 Chinese printed serial titles are held in Cambridge libraries and the University Library subscribes to over 1,000 current Chinese printed serials. In addition the Library has about 150,000 Chinese e-books, 5,000 Chinese e-serials and 3,500 Chinese microfilm reels. The rare honor of a 5A status was bestowed because Tianyige is the oldest private library in Asia and one of the three oldest family libraries in the world. Tianyige is a point of pride for Ningbo natives, who have historically placed a high value on the culture of book collection throughout the ages.

978-0-521-81248-1 - The Cambridge History of China, Volume 5 Part One: The Sung Dynasty and its Precursors, 907-1279 Edited by Denis Twitchett and Paul Jakov Smith. Published posthumously in 1910, Archibald Little's memoir of his journey across the Yunnan Province in Southwest China was one of the first comprehensive accounts of the region to be published in English. Little, a skilled linguist, worked as a merchant in China for over fifty years and opened up the Upper Yangtze area to steam-powered commerce.

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