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Joachim Hertzberg, Osnabrück University "This book by Ghallab, Nau and Traverso is the best to date on automated artificial intelligence planning. It is very comprehensive, covering topics both in the core of AI planning and acting and other related AI topics such as robotic execution, automation. Automated Planning and Acting© Malik Ghallab, Dana Nau and Paolo Traverso. Published by Cambridge University Press, ISBN: 9781107037274, August 2016. PDF of manuscript posted by permission of Cambridge University Press. Users may download a copy for personal use only. ‘This book by Ghallab, Nau and Traverso is the best to date on automated artificial intelligence planning. It is very comprehensive, covering topics both in the core of AI planning and acting and other related AI topics such as robotic execution, automation and learning.

This book presents a comprehensive paradigm of planning and acting using the most recent and advanced automated-planning techniques. It explains the computational deliberation capabilities that allow an actor, whether physical or virtual, to reason about its actions, choose them, organize them purposefully, and act deliberately to achieve an objective. Paolo Traverso is the Head of Sistemi di Ragionamento Automatico at the Instituto Trentino di Cultura - Instituto per la Ricerca Scientifica e Tecnologica, ITC-IRST. The actorʼs view of automated planning and acting: A position paper. Author links open overlay panel Malik Ghallab a Dana Nau b Paolo Traverso c.

Automated Verification and Synthesis of software systems Paolo Traverso is the Director of the Center for Information Technology – IRST FBK-ICT at Fondazione Bruno Kessler, a research center of about 200 researchers and developers working on Artificial Intelligence, Data Science, Security and Safety, Software Quality. @MISCGhallab13theactor’s, author = Malik Ghallab and Dana Nau and Paolo Traverso, title = The Actor’s View of Automated Planning and Acting: A Position Paper, year = 2013 Share. OpenURL. Abstract. Planning is motivated by acting. Most of the existing work on automated planning underestimates the reasoning and deliberation needed. Automated planning is an area of artificial intelligence AI that studies this deliberation process computationally. One motivation for automated planning is very practical: designing information processing tools that give access to affordable and efficient planning resources. Another motivation for automated planning is more theoretical. Malik Ghallab, Dana S. Nau, Paolo Traverso: Automated Planning and Acting. Cambridge University Press 2016, ISBN 978-1-107-03727-4 [c58] view. electronic edition via DOI;. Dana S. Nau, Malik Ghallab, Paolo Traverso: Blended Planning and Acting: Preliminary Approach, Research Challenges. AAAI 2015: 4047-4051 [c56] no documents available. Automated Planning And Acting by Ghallab, Malik/ Nau, Dana/ Traverso, Paolo "This book is about methods and techniques that a computational agent can use for deliberative planning and acting, i.e., for deciding both which actions to perform and how to perform them, to achieve some objective.

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