Aegyptiaca: A Catalogue of Egyptian Objects in the Aegean Area »

Pendlebury, John D.: Aegyptiaca: a catalogue of Egyptian objects in the Aegean area; Universitätsbibliothek Heidelberg ub@ub.uni Get this from a library! Aegyptiaca; a catalogue of Egyptian objects in the Aegean area,. [J D S Pendlebury]. J. D. S. Pendlebury. — Aegyptiaca. A Catalogue of Egyptian objects in the Aegean area. Préface de H. R. Hall.

AEGYPTIACA, A CATALOGUE OF EGYPTIAN OBJECTS IN THE AEGEAN AREA, by J. D. S. Pendlebury with a Foreword by H. R. Hall. Pp. 121, pls. 5, 3 maps. Cambridge University Press, 1930. 15 s. In this carefully compiled catalogue are listed three hundred and seven objects which, although found in Aegean lands, are all of Egyptian type and nearly all of. Abstract. Drioton Étienne. J. D. S. Pendlebury, Ægyptiaca, a catalogue of egyptian objects in the Ægean area. In: Journal des savants, Juillet 1931. pp. 325-326. While J. D. S. Pendlebury's Aegyptiaca 1930 remains invaluable in this regard as a catalogue of genuine Egyptian and Egyptian-style objects from Greek archaeological sites, much has been uncovered since Pendlebury wrote, and he did not in any case include the abundant material from the three major sites on the island of Rhodes.

Aegyptiaca, a Catalogue of Egyptian Objects in the Aegean Area by J. D. S. Pendlebury Aegyptiaca, a Catalogue of Egyptian Objects in the Aegean Area by J. D. S. Pendlebury pp. 239-241. Published in 1930, this book collects all of the ancient Egyptian objects dating from before the Twenty Seventh Dynasty that were known to have been found at Greek archaeological sites prior to original publication. The book groups the items by find site, and photographs of many of the objects are included at the end of the text. J. D. S. Pendlebury, Aegyptiaca: A Catalogue of Egyptian Objects in the Aegean Area. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 1930 — which, however, does not. This study resulted in his Catalogue of Egyptian Objects in the Aegean area, published in 1930. In Athens, Pendlebury stayed at the British School's student hostel, which also provided lodging for visiting scholars doing research in Greece. They dined with the students, conversing with them and each other on scholarly topics.

The Near Eastern Presence in the Bronze Age Aegean ca. 3000-1100 B.C. Interconnections Based on the Material Record and Written Evidence plus Orientalia: A Catalogue of Egyptian, Mesopotamian, Mitannian, Syro-Palestinian, Cypriot and Asia Minor Objects from the Bronze Age Aegean.

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