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Sep 12, 2013 · A Thousand Miles Up the Nile [Edwards, Amelia Ann Blanford] on. FREE shipping on qualifying offers. A Thousand Miles Up the Nile. Volume 14 The Western Frontier Library Series Isabella Lucy Bird. 4.5 out of 5 stars 107. Here is the reality behind Amelia and Evelyn's search for just the right dabaheeyah.going "the wrong. 76 rows · A Thousand Miles up the Nile Amelia Ann Blanford EDWARDS 1831 - 1892 Amelia B.. Amelia Edwards 1831-1892 was an English novelist, journalist and travel writer. In the winter of 1873-1874 she and her companion visited Egypt, travelling up the Nile from Cairo to Abu Simbel and.

DESCRIPTION. Amelia B. Edwards wrote this historical, egyptological, and cultural study in in 1877, and it became an immediate best-seller, reprinted in 1888 at home in England and abroad. She travelled throughout Egypt at a time when most women didn't leave home. Aug 03, 2008 · cairo, nile, egyptian, temple, ancient, assouan, siout, cataract, sheykh, great temple, ancient egyptian, years ago, great pyramid, public domain, twenty feet, western bank, opposite side, upper egypt, upper deck Publisher B. Tauchnitz Collection americana Digitizing sponsor Google Book from the collections of New York Public Library Language. A thousand miles up the Nile ~In the footsteps of Amelia Edwards. in 1888, Amelia Edwards and her friends cruised from Cairo south to Abu Simbel and beyond by Dahabeeya. Her nineteenth century tale was published and is a charming and insightful view into life on the Nile. a thousand miles up the nile. by. amelia b. edwards. author of 'untrodden peaks and unfrequented valleys,' 'lord brackenbury,' 'barbara's history,' etc. with upwards of seventy illustrations engraved on wood by g. pearson after finished drawings executed on the spot by the author. gertÁssee. 'it flows through old hushed egypt and its sands.

A Thousand Miles Up the Nile, by Amelia B. Edwards: Chapter XV. 1-888-834-1448. Language: English. Amen of Egypt, and all the thousand gods, the gods male and female, the gods of the hills, of the rivers, of the great sea, of the winds and the clouds, of the land of Kheta and of the land of Egypt.". and the Bibliothque Nationale, some. The voyage up the Nile changed Amelia Edwards’ life and led to the publication of A Thousand Miles Up The Nile which was published in 1877. Edwards was quite upset by what she saw happening in Egypt. She reported in her book that tourists from all over Europe were destroying much of Egypt’s legacy. Amelia Ann Blanford Edwards, also known as Amelia B. Edwards, was an English novelist, journalist, traveller and Egyptologist. Her successful literary works included the ghost story "The Phantom Coach", the novels Barbara's History and Lord Brackenbury, and the Egyptian travelogue A Thousand Miles up the Nile. In 1882, she co-founded the Egypt Exploration Fund. She also edited a poetry anthology.

A Thousand Miles Up The Nile Illustrated Edition - Kindle edition by Edwards, Amelia. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets. Use features like bookmarks, note taking and highlighting while reading A Thousand Miles Up The Nile Illustrated Edition. First published in 1888, this is Amelia Edwards' account of her journey through Egypt. She traveled in a wooden boat up the Nile, experiencing an Egypt which most Western women had little access to, and found the inspiration to become a leading Egyptologist. A Thousand Miles Up the Nile1891 edition, p. 37. By the end of the trip, Amelia was entirely smitten with Egyptology. It would become the major work of the rest of her life. All the same, the initial realization that intriguing artifacts were quarried from the graves of the dead was a shock. The inspiration for this award comes from the pioneering Egyptologist, Amelia Ann Blanford Edwards 1831-1892 who published the best-selling account of her works in “A Thousand Miles up the Nile” in 1877. Five years later, Edwards co-founded the Egypt Exploration Fund, now the Egypt Exploration Society.

A Thousand Miles up the Nile is a wonderful, if slightly dated, travelogue and a great addition to your collection. Known as the Godmother of Egyptology, Amelia Ann Blanford Edwards traveled through Egypt at a time when archeology was in its infancy in that country and literally anyone with a spade or trowel could go exploring through the. Jun 07, 2019 · In A Thousand Miles Up the Nile 1877, Ms. Edwards writes about her travels to Egypt, sailing up the Nile and spending weeks excavating the Temple of Ramses II. By the end of the trip Ms. Edwards caught the Egyptology bug. Upon returning to England Ms. Edwards started promoting Egyptian archaeology. Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for Cambridge Library Collection: A Thousand Miles up the Nile by Amelia Ann Blanford Edwards 2010, Trade Paperback at the best online prices at eBay! Free shipping for many products!

Sep 12, 2013 · Leaving that criticism aside, A Thousand Miles Up the Nile is a delight to read. Amelia Edwards is an engaging travel guide who provides a vivid picture of life in 19th-century Egypt and many colorful descriptions of the personalities she encounters. A Thousand Miles Up the Nile, by Amelia B. Edwards: Chapter IX. 1-888-834-1448. Language: English. Tour Egypt. ONE THOUSAND MILES UP THE NILE by Amelia Edwards. CHAPTER IX. Next Previous Contents Home. and teach you more of Egyptian life than all the books of Nile-travel that ever were written.

A thousand miles up the Nile with upwards of seventy illustrations engraved on wood by G. Pearson, after finished drawings executed on the spot by the author 1888. This book, "A thousand miles up the Nile", by Amelia Ann Blandford Edwards, is a replication of a book originally published before 1888. Amelia Edwards 1831-1892 was an English novelist, journalist and travel writer who, after visiting Egypt in 1873-1874, devoted her life to Egyptology and the protection of Egypt's ancient monuments. This volume, first published in 1876, contains Edwards' fascinating description of. Images. Above: Amelia Edwards; the EES Library copy of 'Hand and Glove'; page 208 of 'A Thousand Miles up the Nile' and Edwards' sketch of Philae. Below: The front cover of the EES Library copy of 'A Thouand Miles up the Nile'. But it is a journey of the 1870s that remains her greatest legacy. Amelia B. Edwards A melia Ann Blanford Edwards 1831-1892, English author and Egyptologist, the daughter of one of Wellington's officers, was born in London on the 7th of June 1831. At a very early age she displayed considerable literary and artistic talent. About Cambridge Library Collection - Egyptology Visit The large-scale scientific investigation of Egyptian antiquities by Western scholars began as an unintended consequence of Napoleon's invasion of Egypt during which, in 1799, the Rosetta Stone was discovered.

Travelling by dahabiah, a well-appointed sailing craft peculiar to the Nile, and armed with sketch-book and measuring tape, Amelia Edwards carefully recorded all she saw of the temples, graves, and monuments - even discovering a buried chapel of her own- and provided in A Thousand Miles Up The Nile the first general archaeological survey of Egypt's ruins. Title: A Thousand Miles Up The Nile [Electronic Version] Author: Unknown author: Summary: URI: hdl./1911/13073: Date: 1890: Original Source. Read "A Thousand Miles up the Nile" by Amelia Ann Blanford Edwards available from Rakuten Kobo. FIRST published in 1877, this book has been out of print for several years. I. Amelia Ann Blanford Edwards 1831 – 1892 was an English writer and Egyptologist that showed writing talent at a young age, publishing poetry at age 7 and her first story at age 12. Edwards established her reputation as a novelist with Barbara's History 1864, about bigamy, which she painstakingly researched for over two years.

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