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Get this from a library! A report on researches on sprue in Ceylon, 1912-1914. [Philip H Manson-Bahr, Sir]. P, It. Bahr,ph~o.$1IG. 5.Dest~ction o] the filiform ~api~t~, conseque~t on i~flammation of the tongue in Sprue. The arrow marks the site of the inflammation. p. tt. Bahr,photo, RESEARCHES ON SPRUE.167 of irregular outline, were present, and were situated on the forehead, temples, cheek, on the abdomen, and once on the legs Fig. 2. This paper is one of the most important contributions to the knowledge of sprue that has appeared of late years. After touching on the physical and climatic features of Ceylon, where the cases were observed, the author gives the general geographical distribution of sprue, drawing attention to cases that have been reported as originating in Holland and Germany. A report on researches on sprue in Ceylon 1912-1914 by P.H. Bahr University Press, 1915. Authors: Manson-Bahr,Philip HPhilip Henry,Sir,1881-1966. Titles: A report on researches on sprue in Ceylon, 1912-1914. Country of Publication: England Publisher: Cambridge: University Press, 1915.

A Report on Researches on Sprue in Ceylon, 1912–1914, xxvi, University Press, Berlin 1915. Bahr, P. H.: Report on Researches on Sprue in Ceylon 1912-1914. London Cambridge University Press, 1915. 4. Davidson, L. S. P. and Fountain, J. R.: Incidence of Sprue Syndrome with Some Observations on Natural History. Brit. Report on Researches on Sprue in Ceylon 1912-1914, London Cambridge University Press 1915. [The results agree in the main with the conclusions arrived at by the reviewer in his Report on Researches on Sprue in Ceylon 1912-1914 l915. pp. 90 and 91.] P. H. Manson-Bahr. Record Number:. Bahr, P. H. 1915 A Report on Researches on Sprue in Ceylon, 1912-1914, Cambridge.

A Report on Researches on Sprue in Ceylon: 1912-1914 P. H. Bahr

A large number of stools were tested for the presence of yeasts with the following results: -[img 2T10448.tif] Either blastomycetes or Oidia or both were present in the sprue stools. These organisms were found to give acid and gas on all kinds of sugars, glucose, lactose, saccharose [sucrose], maltose, and mannite, which explains the acid reaction and gaseous character of the sprue stool. See also a Report on Researches in Sprue in Ceylon 1912-1914, Cambridge University Press, pp. 50-51.] More than half the cases had acid curves by test-meal within normal limits. The author satisfied himself that full recovery from sprue could be made in India, and he supports the opinion that when once a patient has fully recovered a return.

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